Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Stripe to Live

I have been a naughty blogger lately. I don't mean to, but life just keeps getting in the way.
I have been busy and very stressed out.  I'm afraid that the company I have worked for and loved for the last 12 years may close. Nobody will actually say the words. But all of the signs are there.
Our youngest son is a Sr. in college and we are paying for his education..  I had hoped and prayed they could hold on. I guess only time will tell.. Unfortunately it's on my mind every minute of everyday.
So the bottom line is I am stressed!!  I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that feels that way.
Thanks for listening to my rant!  I am scared and can only hope for the best.

I thought since I was such a naughty blogger my convict striped sweater would be appropriate.
I will be linking up to Spunky Chaeteau for Thursdays are for thrifters

I will also be putting up the next Trending link up.  Hopefully tomorrow.
This week will be scarves!
I love them and have quite a collection. I'm thinking of incorporating my collection into the post.

So ladies, pull those scarves out And celebrate being a girlie girl.

This is a totally thrifted outfit:
Sweater  2.50
Tank      2.50
Pants      2.50


  1. Tammy daring, where are you standing, love the mural on the bldg. I hope they can hold out for you Tammy. I would hate to see you in a financial jam with your son's college tuition. Thank God you thrift. I love the stripes you are wearing. You always look great!!! We should do stripes sometime. Hang in are doing an awesome job with this link up girl. love it~ Dawn xoxo

  2. i love the stripes, Tammy. that sweater is great on you! i'm sorry to hear about your work situation. hopefully everything will work out. that's so great you can pay for your son's college! i'm sure he appreciates it.

  3. I have missed seeing you on the blog. There are so many companies at risk today. I will hope for you that it does not happen for a while.
    Love this outfit. The pattern mixing is perfection.

  4. It's ok I've been a naughty blogger too- we're not perfect (but pretty close to it!) :) I'm sorry to hear your company may be closing-I hope it's just rumours and that everything works out! I love this black and white outfit and I love scarves so sign me up!

  5. Missed you, GF! Hope all goes well~
    Love the stripes!

  6. Tammy, I love the mixing of the stripes...very chic! I've been a naughty blogger, too, slowing down on posts and commenting here lately...maybe I should wear them, too? Debbie

  7. oh no...sorry to hear about this TAmmy, I pray that God will help you and your company! Take care, try not to think too badly about it, hope for the better! You look chic as usual, I love the mix of stripes!


  8. That sweater is awesome! Been missing you in the blogging world! Can't wait for the next 'through the decades.'

  9. oh no! my last job, i worked there for 11 years and they held out for so long, but couldn't make it. it was so sad, but i kept trucking along and did find a new job. what i'm trying to say is i know exactly how you feel. hang in there and hope for the best!

  10. Tammy ... I'm right there with you! It's scary isn't it ... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Love this look on you.