Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gypsy's, Tramp's and Cat's?

I have been having internet issues at home and non existent at the lake.  My husband says I am addicted and I think he may be right.  My Son fixed the home issue last night and one of my lake buddies kindly gave me his wireless key so I'm back in business here too.
I'm so excited!  I can blog again.  And of course read the news and check the weather (looking out the window isn't good enough for me)!

I was going to title this post Oh, what a night.  But then I realized every Halloween is "what a night".
I had so much fun at the little lake bar.  The people are fun, laid back and CRAZY!
I went as a gypsy.  Maybe not the most creative, but I thought I was pretty cute.  One of the greatest perks of getting older is that people just don't expect you to be a little crazy.  Not crazy like I can't remember my name, but crazy like I'll say what's on my mind and love to make people laugh, I'll fill my water bottle with wine and take it anywhere (who would expect that from an "Little old lady"!  I think you get the drift.

So here are a few of my favorite pictures from last night.  I can't quite decide which costume was my favorite.
It was a tie between the Cats (in heat I might add) or the hot dude-babe.......He-She even had a little dog in a "designer" purse.  I think I might pick him just for having the guts to wear that outfit.   I wish I had his abs that's for damn sure.

So take a look, have fun and make sure you have enough candy for the little monsters and goblins that will be ringing your bell tomorrow.
Also, if you have time be sure to link up to my current Trends link The Monster Ball to show off you favorite Halloween picture.
Remember, it doesn't have to be your costume.  It can be pictures of a party, decoration or even your favorite little trick or treater.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Looks like a fun party! Actually your mixing trends are quite on-trend. Thanks for the reassurance I'm not too old to carry around wine in a water bottle. A paper bag, maybe, a water bottle never.

  2. What a fun party, and you look fantastic.
    yes, I adore boots, after skirts of course, LOL.

  3. Fun party, Tammy!! You look fantastic, and your smile is making me smile : >

  4. Tammy, thank you for your sweet comments...they are so encouraging. I will tell you that one of the best ways to improve your writing is is a skill that will improve when practiced!! You have a great start and do really well...just keep at it, girlfriend!!

  5. You look so happy in the pictures. I am sure you did have a good time.

  6. You look beautiful girl. What a dazzling smile. I will link up soon. Dawn xoxo

  7. very fun pictures. You look fabulous as usual, I like your gypsy look!


  8. The male cat is creepy but how funny that they're in heat! I just linked up- I am loving your gypsy costume (especially the leopard print scarf!) Happy Halloween!