Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Than You Bargained For:

I love learning new things.  Tonight I just got a new gadget from work that basically gives me my own wireless hot spot where ever there is Sprint coverage........I'm so happy!  I don't have it hooked up yet. It's still happily charging.  Should be up and running by tomorrow.  Now I will be able to communicate with all of you on the weekends from the cabin!  I say yay, the Man says great.  Now you'll always be on the computer.  He just doesn't understand the whole bloggy thing!

I reached out to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb on how to resize my blog pictures.  She sent me a 2 page email with step by step instructions.......I love you Catherine!
So here is my first attempt at a bigger blog photo.  Even I know that's way to much me. Funny, I went from mini me to way to much me!   I haven't quite got to the part on how to make it a little smaller and I won't have time until this weekend.  So for this post you are getting more than you bargained for!  (Help me Catherine)

Today I am linking up with thursdays are for thrifters.

Have a great weekend and enjoy you Easter with your family.  I am headed to the country to spend a couple of days with my Mom.

Outfit stats:
Jacket:  $2.50  thrifted
Pants:   $2.50  thrifted
Top:     $6.00  clearance
Belt:     $20.00 paid to much but what an impulse buy


  1. I'm also not too knowledgable about photo sizing- I just always select 'Xlarge when uploading unto blogspot. LOVE the sparkly red top and that's such a fun belt! Happy Easter Tammy! :)

  2. Whoa, the picture is amazingly clear for its size! I'll bet this is the "raw" version of the photo.

  3. Whoa, that is a great photo and fabulous outfit. I use the xlarge instead of the size you are using because it does not fit on everyone's screen, including mine. In other words, I have to keep adjusting my bar at the bottom to read your words because they go off the screen. Use extra large, that should be big enough...let me know what you think. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  4. It would be better to have a middle ground in pix sizes, but if you have to settle either for the small one of the xlarge, I would go for extra large. So many good details to see! And much better colours! Btw, I am a sucker for red and leopard, so this outfit just blew m mind! Love that the red is so bright!

  5. Tammy I'm so glad my instructions made some sense - well done on getting your pictures super large!! I think everyone does their resizing a little different, so if my instructions on getting the size right don't help I'm sure the comments above should... but of course just drop me another email if needs be.

    And well done on such a triumphant outfit - what a jacket!! I think spending a bit more on a special item is fine [the gorgeous leopard belt] because you've saved on the other items (that's my reasoning anyway ;) Have a great Easter weekend sweetie!

    Catherine x

  6. Love the outfit.The blouse is just gorgeous. I just select x-large on the photo size. My camera is not a high enough megapixel and the photos just don't look that good really big. My gosh, even in a large picture, you look so slender.

  7. I love the supersized you(but you look super skinny - How are you managing that??)!! This is the jacket I'm so crazy over....and with that amazing belt. Gahhh! Super hot! (Warning: This comment is overloaded with "supers". haha)

  8. Oooh, awesome belt! Nice to see it at a good size. :)

  9. Hi! Looks great. I find an average of 550 pixels wide is a good size for me for a portrait (vs. landscape) orientation photo. I pretty much keep them all the same width. You can do it on Edit HTML tab of the posting dashboard. I input width="550px" just before the closing carat of a photo jpeg. If you want to know more let me know. Congrats on livin' large.

  10. I love the outfit, but my favorite is the belt. It was a great impulsive buy!

  11. wow...I like the enlarged pictures, now i can see your fabulous outfits more clearly. The red blazer is beautiful. Looks great with a leopard belt and a pretty sheer top.


  12. I love how you have belted this. Sooo pretty. Hope you have a great time visiting with your mom! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  13. Never too much you! I love that belt. I think it's worth every penny. And the red jacket is so cute! You will get a lot of wear out of it.

    Have fun visiting your mom!


  14. beautiful jacket and i love the belt! i just thrifted a great jacket the other day too. it's a St. Johns knits one that must've been sooo expensive and i got it for $5 at the thrift store!!! it was such a thrill.