Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Cabin

A while back Dawn from Suitcasee Vignettes.... asked me to do a post on my cabin.  Since she is still recovering from (.)(.) surgery I thought I would give this to her as kind of a bloggy feel better soon post/card.
So take a peep into my life and I hope you feel a little love and joy as I do every time I'm there.

The cabin is located just off the lake in a very small Northwest Indiana town. It was built in the 50's from a kit. The people are incredible and we have made many friends and have more fun than people our age should have.
It's small, I guess about 900 sq feet.  But when we are there it's plenty big enough for the man and I.  I feel like it gives me a big hug...........Many times when we wake up in the morning I sing a little song.  Something like I'm waking up in a tree house in my fluffy bed.  If you ever heard me sing you would understand the humor in that statement.

One thing you probably don't know about me is I am very creative.  Almost all of the decorating was thrifted and
a lot was restyled.  I'll add captions so you see some of the things I made.   I had so much fun and went to Good Will so much they now all know me!

I really don't think there is much I'd redo.  It's a good feeling to complete something with no regrets.  This summer we are planning on adding either a deck on the back or if the cabin God's are with me (Have to be a whole lot of praying going on)  putting on a larger front porch.  Either way I'll just do a little dance and be happy.

I also added a photo of me in my most casual of outfits.  That had me thinking.  What do you wear when we aren't looking??????????????

If you have time try to stop by my Trending Through The Decades:  Brights.  It's fun, bright and jeez just do it!

Photos are in random order so have fun and peep into my life.

Linking up to Visible Monday

Coat hook bought on Tybee Island so the Man has a place to hang his hat and not lose it.  Vintage picnic basket for plastic bags

Spare room.  This one is blurry not sure why.  The mirror was just a plain wooden mirror.  I glued shells around it.  You can't see the details on the curtains but they are made from an old crocheted bed spread from my Grandmother.

 Bathroom curtain made from vintage hankies

Antique wood burner.  Has kept us toasty on many of nights!

Antique lamp with hand covered shade.

Crazy metal flowers and a peek at the cool candle holders made out of spindles

My wine tree!

New shelf just added last weekend.  Made from old wood skies

My sad front porch.  Still a favorite place to hang out.  On the coffee table is a vintage 80's Spiegel catalog

More porch pics.  The couch has to be the original futon!  

The kitchen.  The curtain is made from a vintage tablecloth draped with twine.  The trash can is a vintage ash bucket.  The mess is all mine!!


The living room which is actually part of the kitchen.  Chandelier gussied up by me.  Vintage rocker, Hoosier cabinet and trunk all gifted.  I didn't think about it at the time but now looking at the picture I notice the quilt on the back of the love seat.  I mad that quilt quite a long time ago for our middle son.  They are expecting their first baby in September.  If it's a boy this will be one of my gifts!

Just my crazy side welcoming you to the cabin

 Our room and the start of the wall!!!!!!!!!!  I really don't know what I'm trying to do other than to add color and fun!  The Man would surely say that isn't his idea of fun in the bedroom!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Oh, this looks like such a cozy getaway and it has your personality & creativity stamped all over it. My mother has a place at the Lake of the Ozarks where we go...though because it isn't ours, we can't really personalize it. I'd love to have a place like this.

  2. greetings....we have a 'beach shak' trailer at the beach here in Calif....450 sq ft! so cute and so your wonderful on my list!

  3. Tammy, I can't thank you enough for this tour. I love it all! I have been feeling so bad lately, I needed this and it is special. Your cabin is the cutest coziest place and I can see why you have enjoyed it all these years. From the hanky curtain, to the yellow nubby blanket, crocheted curtain, wall gallery, basket on the door, hoosier cabinet...gorgeous. You are so fortunate to have it. Wouldn't that be a great place to recooperate. I am sorry that I can't join any link ups right now. Hoping to be be back in another week..still too much darn pain. Yesterday had a good day but today is cold again and I am aching. Thank you again for the awesome tour. Lots of love, dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. Oh I love it!! I love all of the handmade details!1 The goodwill and yardsales are the BEST for goodies to redo for your home!!

  5. Tammy, thanks for this tour. Your cabin is so "you" and so charming! What a perfect getaway from daily life. And thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday too!

  6. I LOVE cabins, if I won the lottery I would totally build one in Northern MN. But since I didn't win this weekend, I'll have to settle to live vicariously through folks like you!

  7. Tammy, what a wonderful cabin. I could live there and be happy! You decorate in a style that I love. I have a vintage kitchen helper (a smaller version of your hoosier cabinet) and I love it. I have had it for probably 40 years and it is one of my treasures. I love that lampshade. I am a nut over lampshades. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise with us.
    As to what I wear, it is pretty much what you see on the blog although I don't always wear a heap of accessories at home other than my signature bracelets.
    You look so pulled together for a lake weekend.

  8. wow..thank you for this lovely tour. You have got a beautiful cabin. Looks very charming and cosy. I like the front pouch with the couches..very warm and inviting. You did a great job in decorating your cabin...I love it! You look fabulous in a casual outfit too, I like the folded jeans look, so laid back chic.


  9. Tammy I just loved this post- thanks for giving us the VIP tour inside your home away from home. I love all the personal touches you have added, especially the wine tree and welcome lizard- you have truly made it a warm and inviting place to visit (now if only I didn't live so far away we could wine and dine there together!) :) Growing up, my cabin (in a small fishing village in rural Nova Scotia) was my favourite place to go, I have such good memories from there!

  10. What a fun cabin! Love how you dressed up the chandelier!

  11. What a cozy cabin!!
    I'm sure it's a very special place for you and your man.
    I think I'd be there every weekend to unwind.
    Thanks for the tour!


  12. Looks so cozy and cute! Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle.

  13. Tammy, I just love your cabin. It so reminds me of where my husband and I honeymooned and then returned a couple of times for anniversaries. It was the most peaceful, tranquil place I think I've ever been. I hope to return to it again. It was not decorated with nearly so many beautiful touches as you've creatively applied though. And I love your cabin getaway attire. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

  14. Tammy I forgot to mention how adorable your cabin garb is. Love it. Hope all is well with you. dawn suitcase vignettes xo