Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Help From My International Friends

My wonderful blog friends,

I have blogged recently about my job and the challenges I know are coming.
Well, tomorrow is the day.  I still can't go into a lot of details.  I am asking for a little help.

I am going to be working with new employees that have a limited knowledge of the English language.
I have an extremely positive attitude I just worry about communicating with them.
These are people that are trying to make a life in this wonderful country we live in, and I feel I have to do everything possible to help them succeed.

My issue is to connect with them.  I have a meeting on Sunday and I want to say a few things.  It's majorly important to me to be able to communicate.

So, my International friends this is what I need.  I need somebody to help me translate a very short speech into Spanish, Polish and I think Lithuanian.  Is anybody up for this challenge?   Please keep in mind I'm not going to even try to speak  in these languages,  I just want to give them a hand out of what I am saying.  Again, pretty short but, hopefully effective.

This is  probably the worst post I have ever done (maybe not) but I really need some help.

At first I was going to do it on Facebook.  But, then I thought what am I thinking.  I have friends all over the world.  If they can encourage me to wear a leather skirt at almost 54 somebody out there can help me with this problem.

So, any takers?????


It has been a really bad day, week for me so if I made some errors please forgive me!  And if you can help or know somebody that can, please don't make me say your Mother smells like a goat!!!!!

Thank you all,



  1. I am hysterical laughing...hope you find someone to help you. You are too funny. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Your mother smells like a goat haha- too funny! I wish I knew any of these languages, French I could probably help you with but not the 3 languages you need assistance with- sorry Tammy! I hope you find someone and I think this is a wonderful and accomodating idea- to be able to provide them with a synopsis in their language of choice!

  3. I'll gladly help with Spanish, my mother tongue. I am a teacher of English in Uruguay, South America

  4. oops, just noticed the post was from yesterday so possibly you don't need help any more! If you still do, not sure my link is working, so just post a reply here

  5. Is there a college close to you? You might call and inquire if they have a language or ESL program. I know I once had to prevail on a former student to help translate a legal document for me.

  6. Well, even under stress you haven't lost your wonderful sense of humor. Good luck on the translations!

  7. oh no...I wish I could help you, if you need chinese translation I can help. Hope you find someone to help.