Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trending Through the Decades: Tunics

Happy Saturday everybody and welcome to the 10th Trending Through the Decades link up.  This is a fun link up to show how your age decade styles a current trend.
All that I ask is that you link back to Silverstyle so other fashionista's know where to find us and that you put your age decade next to your name.  Ex:  Tammy (50's)
This week it's all about tunics.  I love wearing tunics and long sweaters over leggings.  I've been doing it for quite a few years.  So far back that my Son once said, "Mom the 80's called and they want their sweater back"  Oh, the love that is showered on me.  I am the luckiest lady in the world!
I usually make a collage for trends, but not enough time this week.  I am making a small pre-Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and if I don't clean the oven first I'm afraid that little turkey will turn me in to Turkey family services!

So, here is what I wore today.  Just got back from the grocery where the cutest thing happened to me.  While standing in line a young lady of 10 or so looked up to me and said "I like your hair"  I smiled and thanked her.   She then went on to say "and your boots, and your scarf and your cape"  I started laughing and called her a silly goose.,  She then proceeded to tell me there is something in a turkey that makes you sleepy.  I asked her if she knew what it was.  She didn't so I told her to go home and look it up.  She then said "I have a computer, I can Google it.  I Googled Billy's (or some boy name I can't remember) phone number.  She then went back by her mother and looked quite proud of herself.
That little exchange made my day and made me think we should take the time to compliment each other more often.  A genuine compliment will make anybody's day

I will also be linking up to  Spunkey Chateau's Thursdays are for thrifters.  Even though today is Saturday I'm wearing some cool thrifty finds.  I was feeling a little fancy so I added a wild, bright green, print scarf to the front of my everyday off white one.  I think it's kinda snazzy.

Have a good weekend and a wonderful holiday!

Outfit stats.

Tunic          2.50
Turtle neck 2.50
jeggings    15.00
boots        25.00
belt             1.00
bag           13.00


  1. This outfit is absolutely adorable. In fact it's so adorable that I'm pinning it for future inspiration.

    I so agree on giving out compliments. We don't realize how a few little words can really help make someone's day much brighter.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. This look is so fabulous on you, Tammy! I love your tunic, scarf, boots - the whole works. Very inspiring!

  3. I love what you did with the scarf and I am so copying it! Would it be okay if I use a wrap sweater for this trend? I don't really have any tunics at this time.
    The little girl was totally right you look great.
    Isn't it a great feeling to go to the grocery store and still look like a million dollars? You probably inspired someone else to dress as nicely as you did. You look wonderful.

  4. I agree--with all points! Love the tunic and legging look; it is a staple of my wardrobe too. And a compliment a day is a great way to live.

  5. What an adorable exchange! I overheard a little girl walking by a shop window tell her Mom all the things she would buy, starting with that 'sparkly red and black dress'. Fashionistas start young!

  6. love the tunic and love how you tied that scarf! i've been obsessed with tunics now that i'm pregnant. they're perfect to wear with some leggings and boots! can't wait to link up!

  7. Hey guys,

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  8. What a cute girl (googling a crush's phone number-kids are so tech savvy!) I love your tunic-the pattern is gorgeous and your scarf is such fun! Yay I have a tunic outfit planned for Friday so will be linking up then :)

  9. Tammy, you are a riot. I lol when you said about your son's comment. Too funny about the Turkey services too. I hate cleaning the oven...what a chore. Anyway, I love this weeks tunic link up. AWESOME! You look fantastic. Love your boots and tunic...the little girl knows her stuff. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  10. you look beautiful as always, I like how you did our scarves!You deserve the compliments from the kind lady at the store, because you really look very good. I like your tunic very sweet and pretty. I want to link up too cause I love tunics! Hope everything is well with you!


  11. I am so sorry! I forgot to put the decade next to my name! But it was the 80s! Also, I got inspired by an article and your blog, and that post is about decades, so the tunic was worn before, not this week... (you'll see in the post!) I'm not very inspired this week... :( But soon I'll be again!
    Have a great week and again sorry for my mistake!


  12. I love what you do with scarves! This tunic and boot look is great on you! Have a great Thanksgiving! Debbie

  13. You seriously look fabulous, fabulous, fabulous in this. I'm so sorry I missed out on participating this week. Between being out of town and my camera SD card breaking, it just didn't work out. But I'm definitely in for next time. I think faux fur is a great idea!