Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Off Your Butt and Organize Your Bling

I have a current link up called  Trending Through the Decades .  Each week I try to pick a current trend that all of us from 20 through 70 can show how we style a trend in our age decade.

This week it's about accessories.  I made a collage for the post and one of the pictures I found was a large framed cork board for jewelry.
Well, I started thinking, and feeling pretty guilty.  Last winter I started a similar display in my closet.  And trust me when I say started.  Most of my bling ends up on the coffee table, bedside table, kitchen counter or any other flat space I'm near when I start my dress down.

So, for the last couple of days my mission has been to finish what I started.  I went from room to room gathering up all of my necklaces, bracelets and earrings.........Whoa!! It was like going shopping,  only in my own house.
(I should say this coincides with my planned family cleaning of the house this weekend!  Holidays are coming and I have to get rid of my carefree attitude that seems to find me every summer.)

I used a past "Lucy Ricardo" project that went awry.  It is just sheets of insulation covered in textured, wallpaper.  It's super easy to cut, light weight and easy to hang.  If you play your cards right the guys at the home store will cut it for you, I used a carpet cutter and at one point a chef's knife........Anything you have will do.  I hung the jewelry with push pins, if the item is heavy use 2 or 3.  Seems to work fine for me.

What I am about to show you if your heart is strong enough to see is my somewhat finished bling board.
This is what I wear on a day to day basis.  I have my vintage jewelry, earrings and pins stored in little flat, plastic containers with dividers........Can't quite figure out what else to do with them.  My scarves live happily next to the jewelry board and the belts are their neighbors.

So here is a little peep into my closet, hope it inspires you to get off your butt and organize your bling
..........Maybe next week I'll do in on shoe storage......Is it to early to put away flip flops?

Got some bling to show off this week?  Stop on by and link up to Trending Through the Decades
No rules, no attitude, no problem!


  1. ok, this is awesome!! I am currently using a small bulletin board, but I like this idea as well! Decisions decisions!

  2. i like it! i've been wanting to organize my hats and purses. but my jewelry could use a little organization too! thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I have such a hard time organizing accessories because I have so many...you did a good job...it is hard with a small space to decide how to display so that they can be seen when dressing...I am still looking for the right answer..I tweak it every year.

  4. Very Impressive!!!!! Good for you~
    My accessories are mostly earrings and I do a similar type of thing--but use crewel netting to hook the earrings on and hang it.

  5. Good ideas. I bought a set of drawers used for scrapbooking to store my bracelets in. It works really well. I also have some tie racks that I use for my necklaces.

  6. wow....you've got a lot of accessories! That's a good way of displaying all the accessories, you can see everything at one glance. Mine are all over the place and inside different boxes.


  7. This looks amazing Tammy-wow you have so many fun necklaces! I have a similar jewellery organizational construct-I love how it keeps everything visible! I just linked up to trending through the decades (I used shoes as accessories-hope that counts ;)

  8. I think it helps if you can see things.

    I keep my hats near the coat closet so I can pick one that goes with my coat.

  9. Organizing my bling was a big project for me last year... I blogged it too! I use belt and tie hangers for necklaces, and bead storage containers for my smaller earrings.

  10. Tammy -- what kind of a hanger do you have your bracelets on? And I can't figure out what kind of a board you have the necklaces on. I know what you said you have, but I can't visualize it.