Saturday, November 26, 2011

Escaping to the Country and making a little Scarf Bling

Hey ya'all.  Escaped to the country to spend a couple of days with my Mom.  So, I thought it only proper that I introduce you to my Lucy.  Her name is really Irene but I call her Lucy.  Take a look at the hat she was modeling at Hobby Lobby then there is no question why the nickname!

After a very full day of shopping (she wore me out!)  We headed home.  I have been wanting to work on some scarf bling for a long time so tonight was my opportunity.
About mid day we stopped at Panerra Bread for lunch.  I hadn't eaten a bite all day and was starving.  It was the first time I've been to Panerra even though there is one very near my house.
I wasn't feeling the greatest on the 2nd half of our trip.  I just thought I was tired.
Once we got home I started working on my project.  I mentioned to my Mom that my stomach was hurting.  That is pretty rare for me but I didn't think much of it.  Then out of the blue, wham!  I was running to the bathroom and spent the next 10 minutes throwing up.  So either Panerra poisoned me or I'm getting the flu (also very rare for me)

I  had stopped by Hobby Lobby and Joanne's so with findings in place we headed home to see what vintage pieces I could dig out of the old jewelry box (this is literally a cardboard box).  I think it gets pulled out about once a year as we usually make some type of craft project when I'm here.
Please take a look at below.  They are the finished product.  Made with vintage and new pieces.  Simply pin the scarf-lace on to your scarf and off you go.

So, my question to you is.......
1.   Would you wear one?
2.   Would you buy one?
3.   What would you pay for it?

Should be home tomorrow afternoon and hopefully will have another Trending edition up the first of the week.  My blogging has been lax all week.  I was without internet for three days (finally a visit from Comcast and all is now in order)  then Thanksgiving and now at my Mom's.
I promise to get my butt in gear next week!


  1. VERY cool idea...I'd wear it! :D It'd be nice for turtlenecks, too, because I can never get a necklace around them!!

  2. Really lovely! Yes, I would wear it, so beautiful and I would buy it, and I would probably pay around £22!
    I hope you are feeling better now!


  3. Scarf bling, so smart!!! I love it :)
    Sorry to hear you got sick. Hope it was just the food and not the flu.