Monday, November 7, 2011

Pip Pip my Good Friends

It's Monday and time to hop on over to  Two Birds Inspiration Monday.  They are a very fun, energetic couple of sisters and you should check them out!

If you have time stop by for my trending link up.......... Scarf attack

As usual I'm pooped.  Any of you that know me know that we stay at our cabin for the weekend and get up super early Monday mornings to race to work.  (I plan on doing a cabin post soon, but I will put a picture at the bottom of this post)
This weekend was a little easier due to DST.  Non the less, I'm not getting any younger and the Monday's can be really long days.
So as I post these pictures I am sitting here in leggings, a super large T and a really cute little hand crocheted shawl..........yep, I'm a nut!  But, ya' gotta love me!

This weeks inspiration is Pippa Middleton.  She is actually a very beautiful young lady and I hope she does great things with her life.
Me on the other hand will be happy to make it through Friday!

My outfit is simple and I actually, really liked it.  The dress is made by Connected Apparel.  I'm not sure what type of fabric, but it fits perfectly and  is  very comfy.  When I first saw it I thought no way it's a size 8......Yippie for me it fits beautifully!.   The scarf is Molyneux print Paris........Not silk but a very nice weight of material.
After looking at the pictures I realized I should have pulled the dress down for a sleeker look.  I've never had super legs and now I have arthritis which is proving more difficult for the dress shots..........
Not whining, just learning as I go!  I hope Pippa has my attitude at 53.  You guys will have to text me on that...........don't think I'll be around for how that turns out!
I'll give you the thrifting stats later.

So off we go........... My inspiration.  the classy, beautiful Pippa Middleton.

And me just being me.
Dress:  5.00
Scarf    1.00
Purse    5.00
Boots    34.00
Jacket    Vintage, Tux gifted!

Here is a shot of our little cabin.  It was built in the 50's from a kit.  I'm still not sure on the manufacture.  All I can say is it's filled with happiness and the Man and I love it very much!


  1. Great job! I need to get back in the swing of doing those challenges. They were always fun, and made me stretch a bit. Love the cabin. Did you build it? Does it have a bedroom? Indoor plumbing? Hope I don't sound ignorant ... I'm just curious.

  2. Oh that dress is perfect, and that jacket is killer! Awesome interpretation of the IM look this week:-)

  3. you look like a million bucks dearie, not sure if Pippa can match up at 53, you look more stunning than her, seriously (I'm also not getting anything by saying this, sorry Pippa).


  4. And I love the cabin, if I live near you, I will gate crash


  5. You nailed your inspiration!! Great job and I how fun to have a cabin!!

  6. Tammy, I love your dress. It is beautiful. The belt is fabulous also. ok now on to the cabin, I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US SEE IT. I want one...excuse me while I go call my husband. I am going to link up soon. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo Can I repost your cabin and link to you? yes? good, ok thanks.

  7. i love the dress! and the little pop of yellow is the perfect addition!

  8. You did the best job of using the inspiration pic for your outfit. Love the outfit.
    The cabin looks so cosy and inviting.

  9. I like your dress even better than Pippa's and for only $5 wow! Your cabin looks so cosy- growing up going to the cottage was my favourite thing to do in the summer! I just linked up to Scarf Attack! :)

  10. Great shades in this outfit! Lovely and Autumnal!

  11. You are looking good! Love this outfit on you. Move over, Pippa. And thanks for sharing your cabin cozy! Debbie

  12. oh no, i'm so sorry! i finally took my scarf pic today because for some reason i thought i had until today and sadly, it's a no go. oh well! so sorry, i will be quicker to link up next time.

    loving this look on you! that dress if fabulous and loving the booties!!!