Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifting and Gifting

Well, another week is almost over.  I am normally a pretty early riser, I don't move fast but I do wake up early.
This morning at 715 the Man came back in the bedroom and said "hey, what are you doing"  I replied "it's Saturday"  with his humor in full swing he said "are you high?  Get up! It's Thursday and you've got to be at work in 45 minutes!
So that's how my day started.  Thinking it was Saturday yea!  and finding out I had two more days to work boo!

This is what I wanted to wear to work today.  My brand new poncho was gifted to me by my little friend at the lake.   She told me she bought it in Tuscon 30 years ago and just feels like it's to much on her.  It is hand woven, wool and still has the artists tag inside.  I was so happy.  My newest addition to my poncho/cape collection!  It was poncho love!  But I wasn't sure if my work buddies were ready for this.  They pretty much ignore what I wear  (I'm sure there are some rolled eyed looks behind my back) as they march in everyday wearing their little uniforms of jeans and sweatshirts.
The next step was trying to style it where I didn't look like the abominable snow man.  I tried it loose, full  belting and finally came up with what I'll call the half belt.  I left the back flowing and just belted the front for shape.
I think it came out pretty good.

So tell me would you wear this to work?  Or save it for the weekend?

I'm linking up with Dawn at Spunky Chateau for Thursdays are for Thrifters This is one of my favorite link ups and I look forward to it every week.

This week my outfit star is of course the poncho...........but take a look down, yep, all the way down.  See those little caramel beauties on my tootsies?  Those are my newest thrifted designer booties!  I love them.
They are made by Etienne Aigner and are a wonderful soft leather.  They retail for $55.00 and I paid $3.70.
The price tag was still on them and they are truly barely worn.
I was actually surprised that the retail price wasn't higher.  The leather is incredible and there is some top stitching as well.
I will admit I took them to the shoe shop for a little stretching and even the clerk said "nice boots"!
I am so glad I found that place.  When you get to be a "Silverstyle" age all kinds of hinky things start happening to your feet!
I picked them up tonight and they feel wonderful.  I say that was $7.00 well spent!
These jeans are old friends to me now they were thrifted, new with tags for $5.00
The scarf is also a new thrifted piece.  I think it softens up the poncho.
And the bag is a Walgreen's special for $5.00

Well, happy preweekend to all.  I'll be putting up a Trending link up tonight or tomorrow.
To those of you who participated this week, thank you!  Sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels, this week made it feel worthwhile!


  1. Are you kidding me? That poncho is beautiful. Your outfit is gorgeous on you classy lady. Love it. Yes in reply to your wanting to chat with me, tell me how and I will. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. wow the boots and poncho looks fabulous. I like the colorful scarf and leopard bag, you complete a elegant and classy look.


  3. This is a great the accessories...especially your bag and boots!!

  4. I love your poncho. I have been wanting one, but it is just not practical here, it gets too darn cold. This is a very pretty outfit. Love, love the leopard bag.

  5. this poncho is gorgeous! i love a poncho and it looks fantastic with the leopard bag. you always look so stylish!!! and it's good to sleep in once in a while. wish i could but i have this 1 year old who taps me and tells me to wake up :)

  6. That's got to be the worst possible way to wake up. But...those boots! They have got to make you have a good day. I absolutely *die* over Aigner. And you're looking absolutely gorgeous lady!