Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Is In The Air

I've been trying to figure out where I want to go in bloggy land.
I've learned so many things, but have so far to go.  It can be very frustrating and intimidating.
I was hoping that some of my  techie friends can help me out.
So here we go.

1.  How do I change a link to a statement?   EX: Today I am linking up with Megan over at Spunky Chateau/ for Thursday's are for Thrifters ( I want the link to read Spunky Chateau Thursday's are for Thrifters)  I really am linking up with Megan @
Update...........Thanks ladies I changed the link!  I knew it had to be simple!

2.   When I post a link up I'm afraid that I will mess up the link by going back into the blog to add, say maybe a new link up I want to join. How do I do that?

3.   How do I add a follow me on Facebook and stumble upon?

Ok, enough of my woes.......Just trying to learn and sometimes I just don't speak computer speak and have a hard time researching how to's on Google.

Ladies, don't forget there are still several days left on my Trending Through the Decades:  Boots
Stop by and show off your stompers.......

We are going on vacation in 9 days. We are headed down to Charleston, Savanna and Tybee Island.   The weather here has been extremely nice for this time of the year in the Midwest.  So that makes me think it will tend to be warm there.
So, I'm back to the ever popular question.  What the hell do I pack?
We will be staying in 4 different places so I have to pack lighter than my usual 2 suitcase plus a carry on for extra stuff.  I am having a breakdown just thinking about it.
There is no way I can go with 6 or 9 items.  I would definitely melt down over that even though we will have access to a washer and dryer in the middle of the trip.

I have at least decided this outfit is a go.  Comfy, stylish and the poncho goes on and off.  Actually the poncho will be part of my travel outfit.........Not the lace up for security!

Outfit is totally thrifted. (Oh my, you say!)  This can't be true.  But yes my little chickies it is all true
Megan always brings out the best in me...........So here we go.

3/4 length T:          2.50 GW
Wide leg jeans       2.50 GW
Poncho:                 10.00 (from a flea market)
Shades:                  .50 (not sure if they will make the picture cut)
Belt                        1.00
Boots:                    3.00  Truly the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.  They are brand new, with the little papers still stuffed inside............J.Crew........Made in Italy!  (I get all mushy just talking about them)
And, yes I have really big feet!  Something has to carry these huge hooters of mine around!


  1. Tammy darling you look great in your jeans and boots. Love the fringe on your wrap. I tried to link up the other day but linky would not let me. promise to do it tomorrow. Dawn xo

  2. you look so chic babes! I love the green (?) accents on you. Colors look great on you. You're so good at picking out such thrifty items and still put together a beautiful look. The scarf is lovely! I'm no technie girl so I'm not sure how to help you with that. I guess you should continue to blog, it won't mess up your link up, Or ideally, there should be a picture or badge at the side bar where people can click and get to the link up or, at the end of your every post put a link for your weekly link up. Remind people about your link up at every post until they even dream about it..ha!


  3. I love this look! And the boots? Oh the boots!
    Lately, Sav is 50's at night and swinging between 74 some days and 89 on others. Removeable layers are a good thing. Love to do a cup of jo when you're here. Will you be able to email on the road?

  4. Hey girl! If I understand your question, then I think the answer would be, to make your link a statement, type out the statement that you want to be a clickable link. Then highlight it and click on the "Link" button at the top of your post (if you're posting in blogger). Then a box will pop up and ask you for the link and then paste the link that you want your text to take your readers to. Does that help? You can even test the link before you save.

    To add a follow me on Facebook, I think (if I'm remembering right), just go to your widgets (in your blogger template) and put a Facebook icon and make it linkable to your facebook page. I think you would do this under "Add HTML" widget. For stumble upon, I googled "Add my blog to stumble upon" and it took me to websites that have the directions. You have to go into the HTML part of your blog, but the directions tell you exactly how to do that. I hope all of this helps or is understandable! LOL If I were sitting beside you with your computer, I could probably show you....most of what I've done is by trial and error and thank the Lord for Google! By the way, when you go back in to edit a published blog, I don't think it messes with your links. Big hug girly and have safe travels!! ~Serene

  5. I don't know how you can find such great things thrifting! You are a master. This is a gorgeous outfit. Do you often have people asking where you bought something because they like it so well?
    I sent you an email about some of your tech questions. I am not sure what you meant by a couple of things, so maybe by emailing we can figure it out.

  6. charleston can be really cool because they're on the water and the wind gets caught through all the buildings, if you go by the harbourview in near the pineapple fountain in the waterfront park, that's where i was engaged!

    you should read midnight in the garden of good and evil which is set in savannah and if you do a historical tour you'll see the places mentioned in the book

  7. i will try to help you in your blogging issues if i understand them correctly:

    so when you're linking to Spunky Chateau and you want link to be 'embedded' then you highlight 'Spunky Chateau' and click Link in your tool bar, then you type in

    if you want to go back and add another link to the post where you've linked to Spunky Chateau it wont mess the SpunkC link up

    do you want to allow people to follow your personal facebook page or do you want to start a 'business' facebook page for your blog and have people follow you there?

  8. you look great in turquoise! love the boots too.

    and above sounds right about embedding a link. you highlight the word, like "Spunky Chateau" and click on "link" then you type (or I just copy it from their site) and put it in the tool bar.

  9. I know how it feels that you are going to mess it all up, but you have to go ahead and make mistakes and learn.
    I have been twice to Charleston, we have a dear friend there, and I also know Savanna.
    Have a great time, my friend.

  10. Tammy, I love that shade of blue on you. I am constantly going back into posts and adding links and it does nothing to the links already posted so that should be okay. I have not gotten back to you about the Facebook like box because I can't even remember how I did it. I think I stumbled around on FB until I accidentally found it. I hope someone else remembers. Everything I couldn't figure out I would just google and search until I found the answers, Good luck! Debbie

  11. You look great in tourqoise!
    Sorry I cant help you on the packing--I always take to much and never the right stuff!