Monday, October 10, 2011

Trending Through the Decades: Capes

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This has once again been a busy weekend for me (I think they all are and I wouldn't have it any other way).

We went to the lake and were blessed with 85 degree weather so we took out the boat and the Man even went swimming!
He also helped me to finish putting together the Hoosier cabinet that I painted a jadeite green a few weeks ago.  It fits perfect in the little cabin and the TV fits on it just fine.
I won't have much time for blogging this week.  We are getting ready for vacation and I need to do the dreaded packing!  I am really going to try not to take to much crap.  I always say that and still manage to take a medium suitcase for shoes and jewelry!

I hope to do a little blogging while we are gone.  This is our first time going to Charleston and Savanna so I'm sure I will see some great sites to share with all of you.  So please be patient............You know, like when you have to watch somebody's vacation slides (Only us old babes remember that term)

I really appreciate all of the participation the Trending series has been getting.  I know it is sometimes hard to take the time to take pictures and play. It's fun so come on over to see how we style one of falls coolest or should I say warmest trends!

This week it's all about capes and poncho's.  I have tried to tread lightly on fall trends since many of us are still experiencing warm temperatures.  I think I will amp it up as we go.

All I ask is that you put you decade next to your name ex: (50's) that's me!
It would also be kind if you linked to my post so other fashionista's know where to find us and show off their creative coverlets!

So have a good week ladies and I'll be back shortly!

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  1. thank you for the link up hope I can find something that look like a cape..ha..


  2. You look good in a cape. I look like Yoda...

  3. Love the cape! I just bought one 2 weeks with a hood, will need it here in teh midwest. Have fun on your vacation..........I am so envious!

  4. i'm soooooo glad you picked capes because i JUST bought one from nordstrom and i can't wait to wear it. now this gives me the perfect excuse!!! i'm so excited!!!

  5. You look beautiful in the beige cape- I just linked up with my bright green cape! I hope you have a great vacation and instead of a picture slideshow you can do a blog post about it!

  6. Tammy, you look great! Bright colors are very flattering on you. I think you should wear them all the time.
    You link-up appears to be hoppin'. I like the large size of photo you use. I could help you with expanding the margins of your blog if you want that.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    danielle celeste

  7. loving all these "capes!" some of them are really cute poncho versions. so much fun!

  8. hello Taaammmy? Anybody home?


  9. Tammy, I wore my cape today but I am too late again! My schedule has been crazy lately after my mom's hip replacement surgery. I love the way you mixed the cream and aqua! Have a great vacation and we look forward to your return! Debbie

  10. It looks like your trending through the decades linkups are really catching on....I'm happy for you! I missed the boots one while I was travelling, and I don't own a cape, but I'll keep an eye on your site for future editions :)