Monday, October 3, 2011

Trending Through the Decades: Boots


Welcome to week 4 of trending through the decades.  This week it's all about boots, bootielicious, bootsarama!  Call them as you see them.  I love them all.
All that I ask is that you state your decade (age) next to your name and link back to my site so other boot lovers can join in the party.

I am just busting my buttons......I think I should be the official thrifter of the year!  I found this brand new pair of J. Crew boots (never worn with the little paper still stuffed in the toes!  For, wait for it.........$3.00!!!
Can you believe it?

I swear when I arrived at my local GW they were like a beacon on a light house calling me over...being the thrifter I am, I followed my instinct and rolled with the "feeling".
But, what did I see just sitting there innocently on the top shelf.......?  The perfect boots for my gypsy, Halloween costume.  I was so excited.  But then as I zeroed in on these little beauties, I thought hmmm,  why are they talking to me?  Saying pick me up, feel my soft leather, look at the bottom of my sole.  Find out how special I am.
So I picked them up, gingerly touched the leather, started falling in love.  Then I turned them over.  What???   Made in Italy?  J Crew? They had me at Italy.

Once I got home, and was able to breath again I again, being the thrifter that I am looked them up on line.
Found a very similar pair for $298.00 That's dollars ladies!

Those of you that know me know I am a frugal person.  I have never worn something so luxurious.  They feel like kid gloves............My feet are incredibly boot happy.
I am truly in boot love!

I am participating with Two Birds:
I took two of the 3 inspiration pictures and rolled them into one.
I'm sure I will join up with several other links this week.

My Two Birds inspiration's

My outfit stats
Jacket:     $2.50 (All it needs is a cigarette holder and martini!
Skinnies:  $20.00 Target.
Scarf:       Thrifted
Boots:      Thrifted $3.00


  1. Tammy I am so happy for you. I love hearing GW success stories like this. Great for you darling. I am loving your challenges, such a great link up. You are getting lots of responses. Love the print on your blazer! Boots are gorgeous...lucky!

  2. great score! Love them. I really like your red plaid too! I am going to try and wear boots this week, so I can have an honest post :-)

  3. loving your red plaid top! what a find!!! and i can't wait to link up with my newest boots that i love so much! i'm really enjoying your choices. they're so much fun!

  4. what a steal! and that plaid looks great on you, so cozy and cute!

  5. What a find! The outfit is perfect for fall.
    I have been shopping at some stores that I never did before. One is Name Brand Clothing 1/2 of 1/2 off. I found a silver Ralph Lauren sweater for just $10.00. Not as good as thrifting, but darn close!
    Is that a Longaberger basket I spy in the background?

  6. Yay! I'm first this week! I love that you did boots and I always enjoy a good thrifting story. Debbie

  7. Those boots and the plaid look so great! I wore boots in today's post so I think I'll go ahead and link up!

  8. Those boots are simply gorgeous, Tammy - great shopping!

  9. Boot heaven!!! I don't even know which one is my favorite. They're all pretty amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. You look great and I love how you paired the two looks for a combination of casual and chic! I'm wearing my boots today- just need to photograph them and they'll be on the blog by Thursday!

  11. great outfit, you can't imagine how jealous i am about your boots, j.crews my favorite store! i'll link up tomorrow!

  12. what? $3 ? that feels like a hammer slamming on my head! Mine was $24. Not even J crew. I'm glad this week I could participate. Kinda miss your posts, can you still like post while doing the link up? That's a great fall outfit, you made the look your own and your outfit is many times better than the original inspiration. I like your scarf especially!


  13. $3, and JCrew? Now that's just crazy talk. I see that they are size "10" I have big foot syndrome as well!

  14. I cant believe you got those boots for 3 bucks!! How lucky is that? I never have that type of luck!
    I will be linking up...

  15. What a find. They contribute to the overall beauty of your outfit!

  16. Love your outfit and the boots are amazing! I'd love to meet up when you're in town.
    Not sure why Google gives me a hard time posting on your site....this time, for some reason, it went through. Wish I could remember how I got it to work!

  17. I love those boots you thrifted, and your take on the look! You totally made it your own, and it looks great!