Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am Woman Hear me Roar!

I posted yesterday that my blog was mentioned in an article at
Between the responses I got on that post and my immediate reactions to  Serene’s post  I felt I had something to say.

I've really been thinking about age, invisibility and fashion.
Since I started blogging I rarely buy fashion magazines .  I don’t feel I need to spend the money since I have all of you to show me the current trends.
I did buy one last week and flipped through it briefly.  Today I picked it up again.  And it really hit me.  We are truly invisible.
So I asked myself.  When did this happen?  Am I so conditioned to seeing young painfully thin girls showing me a 50+ medium built woman what to wear?
No wonder so many of us are disappointed with our bodies.  Look what we compare ourselves to.  Anorexic children that have make up artists, hair stylist and the best of designer clothes.   Talk about setting yourself up for failure…I guess if we’re going to fail we may as well do it up big time.
Before I started blogging I always thought there should be a fashion magazine for our age group.  You know, like a magazine called Silverstyle (what a dreamer).  I guess that probably was my inspiration for my blog.  

Just like the quote from Green Fried Tomato’s “I’m older and I have more insurance”  We’re older and we have more money!  You would think somebody would be more than willing to try to get us to spend some of it on their clothes, make up, shoes and anything else we put in us or on us.
But no, we are left to our own devices and we stay silent about it.  Well, I say be silent no more.  If we don’t shout I’m here and tired of being ignored it will never end.
If we as a group make enough of a fuss maybe somebody will hear us. 
CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm done ranting now. Do I feel better?  No, not really.  The few people I've told about my blog look at me like I have 3 eyes.  I know they are thinking--you are over 50 why the hell would anybody care what you wear or what you think.  Well,  thanks to all of my little bloggy friends I know that is not the case.
All of us were young once.  Just because we're in a different part of our life doesn't mean we shouldn't try to look the best we can everyday.  I'll agree, it does get harder as the years go by, but I think it's still worth it and I hope you do too!

So here is my little link up with Megan @ Spunky Chateau  Thursday's are for thrifters.  Stop on over, it's fun and it's free!

These pants are my version of cigarette pants.  I don't know many women over 50, hell, even over 40 that can rock a skin tight pair of pants.  I thought these were slim enough to pass for cigarette pants but loose enough that I didn't feel like a sausage.  I have a pair of red ones I'm getting ready to wack a mole and make them slim fitting too.  If they turn out ok I'll be wearing them for EBEW's link next week.  If they don't I'll just have to post a sign that say's gone fishing.

This outfit is a thrifters dream.  100% thrifted......
Silk leopard blouse 1.00
slim pants                2.50
jacket                     2.50
shoes                      2.25
The wind was really blowing when I was trying to take the pictures so I didn't get one of the necklaces.  They are by the way both thrifted.


  1. Not only is it a thrifters dream, it is a Silverstyle ladies dream! You look fabulous in this outfit. The pants are a perfect fit and you know I love me some leopard print!
    I totally agree with you about the fashion magazines. Not only do they only use young skinny women, but many of the the clothes are just ridiculously expensive. Who really wants to pay $300.00 for a blouse or $1000 for a skirt? And when they show something that says "Price available on request" you know you cannot afford it, so why ask?
    I would love to see a magazine that featured women our age in clothing that is realistic for the average woman. I am doubting that it will happen in my lifetime, but maybe we can pave the way for women in the future.

  2. I only hope that I am so stylish and put together in my 50s- I absolutely love your leopard print blouse! I work part time for a lingerie company doing marketing and social media and something we are trying to move away from is only portraying the thin as rails models and portray real women with curves, of all different ages. I think it's so important to represent everyone, or else how would we ever envision ourselves wearing the clothing?

  3. P.S. Zumba? Go for it- you won't regret it! :)

  4. I never have felt invisible, I could see myself, and that was quite enough. But since I started blogging my creativity has grown due to all of you, my dear friend.
    Much love.

  5. Tammy, what a fantastic look. I agree with you. Fashion blogs have done way more to teach me about classic style and au courant fashion than fashion magazines ever did. All they ever did was confuse me. Thanks for calling me a nut, by the way. That was a refreshing bit of frankness. See you soon.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    anything goes
    my twitter

  6. This post touched me and I hope the fashion world will recognize the untapped potential (although my cynical side says it will happen for economic reason rather than altruistic ones).

    I've found Oprah magazine is pretty good at portraying women of all shapes in the fashion section - of the recent issues dealt with clothes for high-level athletes who have trouble finding things to wear.

    I love this (age-suitable) leopard print outfit! You look so polished and sophisticated! Your fashion sense at any age is an inspiration!

  7. PS Added you to my blog roll

  8. Thanks so much for the mention! You expressed yourself beautifully....

    "Am I so conditioned to seeing young painfully thin girls showing me a 50+ medium built woman what to wear?
    No wonder so many of us are disappointed with our bodies."

    This is just so quotable. I just don't understand the kind of thinking that puts a 13 year old in clothes that brands want a 30 year old to buy. GREAT post and you look absolutely chic and gorgeous in animal print! "We're not going to take it!" hugs to you! ~Serene

  9. Tammi--these pants look great on you! And let me add my voice to your rant. You AND Serene have both been very eloquent about it. It is funny though since I have been keeping my blog, people of ALL ages have begun to notice my appearance and they don't give me any guff about it either.

  10. Those pants can totally pass for cigarette pants. You look so fabulous. I love the sleeves rolled up with the leopard print detail. And I'm so glad you did this post. So many groups are underrepresented in fashion. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  11. Great point start an online magazine. You look great by the way. This outfit is gorgeous on you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. Tammy, I love that outfit! Leopard is one of my favorites and it's fantastic paired with the skinny pants & blazer...adds a little flair to a suit. Brave to you for your style and your blog! Fabulous!

  13. Tammy, I love the outfit and agree with you....where are the real people. Who are the magazines marketing to?
    If you're still coming to Tybee in Oct here's a link that might help Pirate-fest is Oct 6-9, arts/crafts festival on the 15-16th.

  14. charleston bbq: melvin's, besingers and home team bbq

    tammy i love this outfit, i don't own anything but a casual lesportsac bag that's animal print!

    this is so sharp and chic, you could also wear that top with a black pencil skirt and stockings and look fantastic!