Monday, September 5, 2011

The last maxi show

Before I start in with all the bloggy stuff I just want to let you guys know that my blog was mentioned in It is a really good site that deals with the MANY issues of ageing  growing into your Silverstyle years.  Can you Believe that my little blog was mentioned!
Along with myself, 3 of my favorite over 50 bloggers were mentioned too.  Check them out they're pretty cool!  I say a big cheers for the 4 of us if we didn't live all over the country we could have a toast together.
On second thought that probably wouldn't be such a good idea.  Joanie would be trying to make us try out silly poses and Debbi would be changing our accessories and Patti would try to teach us HTML and tell us our outfits are to girly!  And I would make them all try on a maxi.
Of course I jest, they are quite a combo platter and I am happy to know them.
Joanie @
Patti @
and Debbi @

I just realized that several of my last posts have been of maxis.  I feel like a maxing fool.  It's these damn link ups I get involved with.  But alas, they are just to much fun to miss!  No matter what the next inspiration, challenge or make over is I will not do another maxi until I can wear boots with it!  And that's a promise.
At the bottom of today's post I added some pictures of what this boring 50 something did this weekend.
Take a peek

This one is for Two birds inspiration Monday. 
I'm also participating over at Not Dead Yet Style  for Inspiration Monday
Here is my inspiration photo.  The lovely Kiera Knightley.

And here is my take on it.  I didn't have a flowing yellow skirt or an escort that looks like gray T shirt guy.
As is my way I did the best I could

The boring outfit details.
Thrifted, thrifted and thrifted. (saving that money for Charleston and Savanna in October)
Whole outfit $9.00 (including shoes-excluding purse)

Still waiting for the guy in the gray T to bring me a drink!

Well look at that smile.  Here he comes!

Arm candy for the 50 and over

And yes, sometimes more is better!

OMG! Old lady feet,  I wish she would quit sneaking into my shots!

My poor old Coach bag.  I think both of us need a resurfacing!

A friend of ours is in a rock band so Saturday night off we went to the local bar to have a few and listen to the music.  If I was Cinderella I definitely would have turned into a pumpkin!
Sunday we headed over to our friend Glenn's he had a shrimp boil.  It was delicious.  After dinner it was good times by the fire with good friends.

It just looks scary!

Pay no attention to the bellies in this picture!

The man and I on the left 

Ahh, the last summer holiday weekend

Good friends, good times


  1. I love the colors in the skirt and necklace. So cool and lovely! You look terrific. Who needs T-shirt boy?????

  2. You look great! Love the colors.

  3. I've got to tell you! This looks high dollar and FABULOUS on you! Congratulations on being featured!!! I posted a link to it on my Twitter and excited for you! ~Serene

  4. You look like a million bucks in this outfit. Thanks for mentioning me! You are one of my favorite bloggers too! It was so exciting to be mentioned. I am loving your bracelets. Thank you for inspiring me to do more thrifting. I am starting to have some real fun exploring. I am going to find some new stores this week to explore.

  5. You look beautiful...stylish...and summery...this is a great look for you!!

  6. Congrats! You deserve it. You've got a great blog and wonderful "Silverstyle". Looks like a wonderfully fun last summer weekend. I love your knotted white top. Debbie

  7. Great Outfit and post!

    Typing the outfit details are tedious. I agree. I need to include them more often.

    Love from Oregon,


    flowers for you

  8. your weekend does not look boring at all, and your outfit certainly isn't boring! i love how nice and summery it is!

  9. i love this outfit, the colors on the skirt are my favorite! i will get back to you about great places to eat bbq in charleston, my flatmates here in australia are a south carolina couple and the husband lived in charleston for awhile... for places to stay check out and search for vacation homes in the charleston area...

  10. Tammy--I have to say, I like YOUR look better than hers! You have tons more style.
    And How did I know about the mention? I follow that blog and saw it. Congrats again!

  11. Congrats on being mentioned- that's very exciting! Can't go wrong with a $9 outfit- I love your accessories and the skirt is fabulous! Sounds like a fun weekend and you don't need grey t-shirt guy you look great solo!

  12. Tammy, congratulations on being named along with Patti, Debbie, and Joanie! You are ALL doing a great job of reminding the world that the elders are seizing the day. The shrimp boil looks scrumptious.


  13. oooh. love your blog so much!!
    And I love this post really.)

    Can you answer on my question?

    What is your favorite place on earth and why?
    It s really intresting for me, becaurse I love travaling and photo.)

  14. I adore that skirt. You look sooooooooo fabulous.

  15. You look amazing! I simply loved the skirt! And the accessories!
    Also... that sofa is soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations!


  16. I love the outfit and the location. Congratulations on such a great mention. I follow two of the ladies that you mentioned, I will have a look at Patti. Have a great week sexy silverstyle lady. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  17. you look awesome in the maxi skirt! i love the pattern and colors on this one...and i think your hubby is wrong about it looking like the first baptist minister's housewife :) that shrimp boil looks like such a blast. seriously, i love a seafood boil. it's soooo much fun and yummy!!!

  18. Congratulations on being featured. You look fabulous and looks like you had a lot of fun with friends. Good times. Your jewelry is so pretty.

  19. Congrats on being featured! I missed your blog. I'm finally back! I like your pictures, you look lovely and relaxed, your outfit is not boring at all! Bring all your maxis on Tammy, I never have enough of them, and time for me to buy more maxis to add on to my one miserable one in the wardrobe.


  20. And great accessories! I like how you mixed them together.

  21. Thanks for swinging by my blog. Congratulations on the lifegoesstrong mention! What a great pick-me-up. I can't believe you got your outfit for $9. Clearly I have a ways to go with my thrifting skills. Your jewellery especially is lovely, I really like that green necklace.