Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifting my life away....................

Today I am participating over at in the Thursday's are for Thrifters. I always enjoy this challenge and love Meagan's sense of style.
I will also throw my thrifting skills out over at
They started a new challenge today and it should be fun.  I would say a comment about the hostess but I have no idea who it is.  Since it's hard to compliment a http: (you have nice t's??)  I'll just leave well enough alone.  But please come out, come out whoever you are!

It is hot here!  Last I checked it was 102.  I don't care where you live or how much humidity is in the air 102 is to hot!  I know I'm wearing long pants and swede...........Maybe thinking of fall will cool me down.
I am in love with this new jacket.  I found it this week and couldn't wait to wear it for this weeks Thrifty post.

Well look at me I'm even thrifting my posts.  Two challenges for the time of one.  I swear it's a curse!
I have decided to spend my evening inside taking pictures and writing my post. 
So stay cool my friends!

Jacket:          G.W suede and crochet 4.00
Jeans:           G.W. 5.00
Flowey hippy blouse:  T.J. Maxx 10.00
Shoes            G.W. 2.00


  1. Cute, cute, cute! You have got some thrifting skills!

  2. awesome prairie inspired outfit! great job not only being able to thrift, but being able to find items of the same style to mix and match together.

    yeah the video was pretty nerve racking putting myself out like that, but it made me happy realizing all the good things that happen to me weekly!

  3. Nicely done! You look great. Nice t's.

  4. Thank you for putting me on your blog roll!!

  5. You look great! That is a great color combo on you.

  6. What an excellent jacket and real bargain too!

    The gals who run EBEW would be Linda at The Auspicious Life and Liz.

  7. love that jacket. it's gorgeous! can't believe it was only $4. what a steal! i love all your accessories, the belt and the gorgeous necklace. you look very well put together~

  8. I'm jealous that you're in Chicago! That is one city that I have been interested in moving to. I love your jackets -- and those necklaces. Very pretty.

  9. nice my friend, I love how you put everything together, the jacket got really pretty details. The necklace is beautiful too. The sash as a belt is also a great idea!


  10. I love your coat. And the rest of it. I've got to find a place to thrift. One that has good stuff. No luck so far.

  11. Tammy, I love, love, love that jacket. The trim is great. I think we share a love of the 70's as well as thrifting. Have a good weekend! Debbie

  12. Tammy, the fit on those jeans is fabulous! Love this whole look....don't you just love to find deals?! Happy Weekend Hug! ~Serene

  13. Tammy, wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! Hope you're having a happy weekend!

  14. Thrifting is so much fun! I love hunting for treasures, too. Fabulous jacket. xo style, she wrote

  15. I have no idea how you can thrift so well. You have some kind of gift, I swear. I can't do it for the life of me. Maybe you can do it for me???
    ... I can wish.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Hi Tammy!! I am a new follower and I currently have you featured on the front page of my site!! Hope you can come over to visit. You do have a gift for THRIFTING...this look is cool!!