Monday, July 25, 2011

Is it fall yet? Then why the hell am I wearing jeans?

Today I am participating in Two Birds inspiration Monday with Heidi Klum and Patti over at for visible Monday.
These three ladies have given me reason to start loving Monday's.
I need to find a old chick to do a similar challenge like the Two Birds.  They are wearing me out!
It's still hot in Indiana and I can't believe I have jeans on for this post......Oh well, I guess we all suffer in the name of fashion.
My outfit isn't anything to write home about..........However, when I was tying the scarf I saw my beautiful, vintage,  porcelain, necklace and thought it would look perfect.
The scarf and necklace were battling it out for first place. Then all of a sudden it was like peanut butter and jelly..........a perfect match was made.
I thrifted this messenger bag last week and love it.  I've had my eye on one at Duluth Trading Co.  for $75.00.   So before I made the investment I thought I'd try this Old Navy one.  Now what was I thinking 1.50 vs $75.00...............I love it.  I tote so much junk around with me it is wonderful.  And the way I look at it paid for half of my new I phone!!!!!!!!!!!

My inspiration

My outfit:
Top:                   Thrifted  2.50
Jeans:                 Gloria Vanderbilt/Kohl's  apx. 25.00
Shoes:                Pretty old but probably Kohl's or Target--don't remember cost
Scarf:                 Thrifted 1.00
Necklace:           Thrifted 1.00 
Messenger Bag:  Old Navy thrifted 1.50 


  1. Oh, I love how you have mixed the necklace with the scarf, a trick I'm going to remember. And, btw, it's Patti who runs Visible Monday.

  2. What a cool idea for using the scarf with the necklace! Love your outfit. Better than Heidi's in my book.

  3. I love your description of the scarf and necklace first fighting it out, then creating a harmonious blend. That's one thing I never, ever do -- put a necklace with a scarf, or two necklaces together. Perhaps this is my next frontier? Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Isn't the only reason to live this long, is to humiliate your children? ;) Great outfit! Brenda

  5. Tammy, I love how you intertwined the necklace and scarf. I plan on borrowing that idea! My first reaction was the same as yours - jeans in July!? Debbie

  6. This is a good copy! It's not too hot to wear jeans here, but it is too casual for work. Oh well. Really like the messenger bag, too.

  7. you look great as usual! I like how you twisted the scarf, looks beautiful with the necklace. The bag is a great buy can't believe it's only $1.50! It's hot here too and I'm in jeans too. hah.


  8. haha, i cracked up reading your post's title

    great idea intertwining your scarf and necklace

  9. Wow, you look fabulous.I love the scarf with that shirt. WOW!!

  10. i love the necklace/scarf combo! so cute!

  11. You look great in jeans and i love your striped top. Thank you for all of your lovely comments to me are the woman!!! Dawn xo

  12. I love how you incorporated the Heidi look! I like the stripes on you too. The hoop earrings are perfect with this outfit.
    Glad you visited me & nice to meet you too!

  13. Very stylish, and the bag . . . what a great savings without sacrificing style. You are a thrift queen and fashionista!

  14. I love that you wove the scarf and the necklace together!

  15. Now, THAT'S what inspiration is all about! You made it your own and wear it BEAUTIFULLY! I am crazy over that scarf!!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  16. A close up on the necklace and scarf please!