Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Times!

When I participate in these challenges I sometimes feel my closet is the prop cabinet for a high school play.
This time my closet let me down. I realized I only wear tee shirts to sleep in.
So off to G.W. I went and came up with this little graphic gem! G.W. never lets me down
Again, this is one of the Bird's challenges that pushed me.  I would never think to pair a tee shirt and black skirt.  Personally I liked her outfits better on "Ugly Betty"
So fly on over to and check everyone out!
I  am also participating in Visible Monday over at
It's fun and isn't that what summer is all about?

 My inspiration

 My outfit
Graphic tee        G.W.    $4.00
Skirt                  thrifted I think $1.49
Scarf / belt         thrifted
Shoes                old, but from Target or Kohls.
Pained look on my face from being exhausted from to much fun at the lake this weekend.


  1. Tammy, I really like your take on this, especially how you added the scarf around the waist!

  2. I love your make it look like a dress. And I love the scarf belt.

  3. Lol--the prop cabinet....
    It does look like a dress! And this look on Ugly betty makes her look very short waisted--you look is much more elongating~great job!

  4. i'm jealous you got to enjoy the lake, hope you had fun!

    i LOVE your graphic tee from GW! i think it looks great with the black skirt. your outfit is actually dressier than whatever function America is wearing hers to~

  5. I love your outfit! I have a similar skirt in navy and I wear the heck out of it. Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

  6. adorable and sweet TAmmy! The scarf adds a nice touch to the black combo. I like the skirt with the chiffon peeping out from under, so lovely.


  7. Great look -- I thought it was a dress, too! Love the sleekness of it. The colors on the Tee are so pretty, and they look like they would bring lots of light & color to the face. Nicely done!

  8. Very pretty. I thought it was a dress. Perfect match with the black.

  9. loving the print on your shirt and love how you tied that scarf as a belt!

  10. Hey. I like your skirt better! I need to try this look. More comfy than jeans, right?

  11. I find myself tearing up the "costume rack" myself doing these outfits - esp. the last one since I don't really wear tshirts either! I thought this was a dress when I first saw it - very sweet! Pained look on your face = Priceless!

  12. Hahaha ... I feel the same way about my closet -- costume prop. I go running around trying to find out how to make it work! and then I go, oh. Oh. oh. ...