Thursday, June 9, 2011

A weekend in the country/ a no clothes post

This post has absolutely no clothes in it..........Bet ya thought I was going to be streaking across a field.......If I was I'd have to also be playing a banjo
This past weekend I spent several days with my family in central Indiana.  My parents have a very nice home wayyyyyyyy out in the country.
I went Thursday morning in order to help my Mom prepare for my nephew's graduation party on Saturday.
I will say I worked my chunky, little, butt off but the results were well worth it.
When I go there it is a little bit of culture shock.  They definitely have a different mindset.  I won't go into it here but sometimes I hear the faint sound of banjos in the background.  And, I got admonished by my Dad for putting condiments in ramekins.  He said I was being wasteful and trying to citify (is that even a word) them.  God help me!
I did get to go off on one little adventure.  My cousin and good friend took me to an Amish flower auction.  I didn't buy much just 12 hanging baskets, 4 pots of ornamental grass, two huge planters of geraniums and 4 pots of sweet william.  I also bought the Man an Amish, handmade, straw, hat.  I knew where all of my purchases were going to land.  Between my home and the little cabin I have plenty of flower space.  But then two days later my husband brought home a flat of 4" geraniums and a flat of dahlias.........Now I've got issues.  So, I guess this weekend it's plant 'em if you got 'em!  So I'll be a planting and drinking wine...remember it's never work if you can drink wine while you are doing it!
I am posting a few pictures......Just for fun.

The way the Amish roll!

The side of my parents country home

The Gussied up side entry

Can't you just pee in your pants over these baskets?
Have a good weekend!

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