Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Monday with Two Birds and Liv Tyler (Am I insane?)

Another fun filled weekend.  Went to our little cabin planted 2 flats of flowers, cleaned the shed and still had time  to take a quick picture.
My picture time is very limited.  I don't have anybody to take them for me and I'm to embarrassed to do it in front of anybody.  Finally tonight I told my Son I need 10 minutes of alone time....Just then the Man came home and I told him nope,,,,,,,,beat it I need 5 more minutes.....Jeez.  this picture taking stuff wears me out.
Oh let me get back on track I think my a.d.d. was trying to take over.....
Liv Tyler is a very lovely young lady.  I told the Bird's earlier in the week they were trying to kill me.  Shorts....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm talking wearing shorts over 50.  Unless you are a work out junkie that just doesn't turn out well.
I have some Daisey dukes I wear when it's hot and I'm working in the garden or at the lake.  But I never, and I mean never wear them anywhere else.

My spin on the outfit was to take the military style of her shorts and apply that to the jacket (hope you can see it probably not due to my distress taking the picture.  I also did the half tuck.........Not sure if you'll be able to tell with the OLB (old, lady belly) A longer pair of walking/city shorts and a vintage purse.
Life is fun, and I hope somebody, someday reads one of by posts and thinks well if she can do it so can I.  
So rock on my little dress up Barbie buddies and have a good week.

 My inspiration, the lovely Liv Tyler

My outfit
I don't know why we feel the need to tell all but here goes
Jacket thrifted               G.W $2.50
Striped T thrifted           G.W $2.50
Shorts   a few years old from Kohl's call it a day at $15.00
Shoes  thrifted               G.W $2.00 
Purse   thrifted from a yard sale. I'm sure I didn't pay more than .50c

And, no I don't own, work or live at the G.W.  I just happen to have a really great one really close and the have 50% off every other Saturday.  So when I'm doing the Saturday errands I just buzz in and buzz out.  I don't take the time to try anything on because I can always return it for store credit.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes and you look great!!!

  2. you need to be less hard on yourself. you are beautiful and you should show off your great body as much as you can! love the shoes, and the purse is a nice touch!

  3. I love this whole look. I wan't to say "especially the bag", but then I'd have to add "your shoes" and "your top" lets just go back to I love the whole look.


  4. Cuter than Liv. I actually think she looks a bit frumpy. Nicely done, but go above the knee next time. You're gorgeous!!!

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  6. Stop stressing although you are funny when you do...awesome look on your shoes. Great great job!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. I love your outfit because it's GW and Khol's, I'm originally from North Carolina and now living in Sydney and miss finding stylish clothes for cheap~ It's my first Inspiration Monday and I love how everyone interpreted Liv's outfit!

  8. You look great in this copy-cat look. I don't know how long you have been blogging, but the self-consciousness should pass soon.

  9. cute wedges! lyou look great and you so don't have an OLB! love the stripes and that jacket is perfect over it!