Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiration Monday with the Two Birds and Brooklyn Decker

This outfit was not only out of my comfort zone.  It was out of any zone I might live in or pass through when it comes to fashion or basically just getting ready for work.  Thank you http://twobirdsboutique.blogspot.com/ for pushing me.
I really just couldn't wrap my brain around it so I decided to look at some Google images of  Brooklyn Decker.
Well, let me tell you that explains it all.  This young lady just doesn't have any practice wearing clothes.
All of her images are either swimsuit shots or steamy lingerey shots.
So here is my version.  I really hope Brooklyn reads some of our blogs real soon.  She really could use some help.
I can't decide if I look like a school teacher or an aging hooker!
By the way, I have never taken pictures this late at night so if my legs look especially old lady........We will blame the light!
My inspiration??????????

My version
Blue chambray shirt 2.50 (G.W.)
Skirt thrifted            1.00
Belt                         7.95 (Target)
Shoes                      20.00 or so (Target) bought in a heated rush to a funeral!


  1. I believe the technical term for this is "Pow!" That's what you were aiming for, right? This might have been out of your zone, but it certainly looks great on you!

    Thanks for the warning about wrinkles -- I'm trying to stop the fussing and the squinting!

  2. Damn girl, right back at ya! I love a great sense of humor and a good story. Very funny and what's all the fuss about...you look like the school teacher who doubles as a hooker in the evening....just kidding. Love the look on you. Come out of your comfort zone more often. You are funny, I am following along... Dawn Suitcase Vignette xo

  3. I love your version of this. It looks perfect on you. I think this is my favorite outfit I've seen you wear!

  4. you never leave us any good options for what you look like! so i will make up my own option....amazing! seriously, this outfit really suits you. you look great!

  5. Ha! You don't look like either. You just look fabulous
    Lori xo

  6. you're hilarious. and beautiful! seriously, you did a great job at keeping this look classic and classy. and your legs look great!