Monday, June 13, 2011

Everybody Everywear..........Lace-Gypsies, Tramp's and Thieves

In the morning , the Man has a way of singing songs to match my outfits.....Today it was Gypsies  Tramp's and Thieves...................
I've worn this little cami a few times before.  But damn!  I just love it!  You never know what you can find at G.W. on any given day.
So,  I will take another challenge..............Not ready for the Kendi 30/30  I know my work load right now and it just isn't happening at this point............But, alass somebody has to pay for this adventure.  Right?
So link up with Everybody Everywear and have some fun!

 My Lacey look

Cami  G.W. 2.50
Skirt    Local dept. store around $20.00
Shoes  G.W 1.50
Jewelry  Lia Sofia clearance


  1. I love the lace with the long skirt! And your bright red toes!

  2. Tammy, You look beautiful! This is such a pretty outfit. Your top and my skirt would go perfect together. Thanks for your comments. I have so much to's going to take me a while to figure out WordPress. I've missed talking to everyone while I was making the move. Debbie

  3. By the your song reference.

  4. you look amazing in this outfit! the lace top is lovely and the maxi skirt goes perfectly with it!

  5. What a wonderful outfit--I like the crochet with the long skirt. It's always wonderful to find another blogger close to my age! New follower.

  6. Hi TAmmy, I'm back. wow you look awesome. Love the lacy top with the pretty skirt


  7. Great outfit!1 More pictures, though. You are a beautiful lady. I 'd love to have you over for a visit at my blog. I'm following you. Yay!!