Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get your thrifting groove on with Spunky Chateau

It's Thursday and that means getting your thrifting groove on with Megan @
I bought these flared high-wasted jeans a while back.  They were to tight and were actually in my return pile.   I tried them on yesterday and it was magic.  I reallly, really, really (When I say really 3 times you know I really mean it) mean it was magic.  They hug me in the right places and I think I'm ready for a concert or more likely just work!
I've been trying to loose some of the winter insulation.............And yeah, 10lbs have fallen off..........
I used to weight 210lbs.  A size 18 going on a 20.  Ten years ago, I literally couldn't bend down to tie my shoes and I said this life sucks and is not for me.  Over the next year I lost 70lbs.  I actually went down to a size 6 for a month or so.  But alas, my body structure just doesn't support that size.  I wear a size 9 ring and it was just to much.  All I had to do was smell food and I'd gain weight.  So I happily eased my self into an 8-10.  This year the size 10 was getting on the upper side of 10 and more changes had to be made.
So........Tadaaaaaaaaa.  Look at these cool jeans in my not so cool pictures.  BTW, a pashima is a great FA (flabby arm) hider!
The outfit
Jeans       $5.00 G.W.
Linen top  $2.50 G.W.
Shoes        Department store under $30.00
Pashima    $1.50  G.W
Necklace  handmade

My first and possibly last close up!


  1. Funny and stylish and honest...enjoy reading your posts. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. love this outfit, elegant and casual all at the same time!

  3. Those jeans are absolute perfection on you! Don't you love when that happens and something fits unexpectedly? You're gonna have to share your weight loss secrets pronto!

  4. wow, you look amazing! seriously. those jeans are very slimming and lengthening. i'm amazed at your weight loss. that's really tough so kudos to you! and i love the shawl. this looks comfy and very well put together.

  5. You should not be at all self-conscious about the close-up. I'm a new reader and had not realized you've had such a significant weight loss. You look great in the jeans. I think we are the same size.

  6. Love your jeans. Thanks for sharing the weight loss. It gives hope to those of us who are still struggling.

  7. Those jeans are really amazing! Such a great shape and fit on you.

  8. I love it! You are so gorgeous and what a drop in size and weight. Your jeans look amazing on you!