Monday, May 16, 2011

Two birds challenge: Drew Barrymore

I really like Drew Barrymore.  She is my favorite romantic, comedy actress.  My husband even watches her movies with me.
That being said.  Here's the real scoop on this post.  I don't wear hats unless I'm at the lake and since I already have on a bathing suit what can get worse!  With having short hair I always feel I look like a goof and can never get the courage to wear them out of the house.  So, since I'm technically not leaving the house looking like this....  I used my wacked logic and thought it would be ok to post a pic.
I actually forgot I even had this one.  Remembered it was one of my yard sale vintage finds, and yep it was still in it's round box in the garage.
My version takes into consideration my weight (longer sweater) my age (longer sweater) and my OLB (longer sweater)!
If any of you are wondering what is OLB?  Simply put old, lady belly.  Watch out, it creeps up on you and then so happy in it's new home it doesn't want to leave.
So rock on my little blogger buddies............Isn't it great to play dress up Barbie?

Sweater  T.J Max clearance
Jeans      Old as dirt
Tank       Goodwill new with tags
Pumps     Goodwill (hurt my feet!)
Hat          Vintage
She wore

I wore


  1. I think you look cute in a hat! Nice that you had something gray and white striped. You look great and I always enjoy your humor.

  2. I forgot...I meant to ask, "Have you learned anything helpful from the Blogging for Dummies book?

  3. I like that you turned the whole thing around... And I think you are the first one to have the right hat for this :-)

    Relatable Style

  4. I am laughing at your wonderful humor...I really enjoyed finding out what olb is. You are styling darling...great look on you!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  5. nice! You look very classy and fabulous especially with the hat and attitude! You are funny too, you cracked me up:-) You can safely walk out of the house with your head high in this outfit, I assure you!


  6. you look great! you and i wore very similar sweaters! so cool!

  7. you are too cute, what a funny post! you look great, i like your take on the outfit...and i wouldn't say you look like a goof in that hat at all!

  8. Tammy, you made me smile!!! You look so darn cute in that hat--even cuter than drew! And the olb--I hear ya GF! doesnt it suck? and it grows....its like all the little molecules in there are given up and saying screw it, i aint hanging on any more....

  9. This hat looks very nice on you - you should wear it outside too! And I love your cardigan. With the colourful shirt underneath it looks more summery and fresh than Drew's look!

  10. Great outfit and take at Drew. That sweater is lovely! Daisy