Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She wore I wore part 2---Florals are not for the weak at heart

Well here goes my little dress up, Barbie, buddies.
My second post on spring trends and how real women can apply them to their everyday life.
First I have a statement to make.  I like clothes.  If I didn't, I guess I wouldn't be here putting myself out to whoever stumbles upon my lowly blog.
The second thing I have to say is, none of my friends feel the same way I do.   This is quite a conundrum!
I get strange looks, even the rolled eyes look.  And that's just from my friends.
Once my husband and I were in Chicago doing a touristy thing and I heard the clerk ask all of the people in line for their zip code.  When it was our turn she asked what country we were from.  My exact thought was either I look that good (who knew a maxi skirt and chunky beads weren't in style 3 years ago) or I totally looked like a bohunk!  I still prefer to think I looked that good-you know, just a little self love!
I picked florals for this post.  I think many women stay away.  Either two bright, to grandma, or don't floral's make you look fat?
Nada, Nada.  Just put on your floral groove and have fun!

My inspiration

My version

Tee         clearance 4.50
Skirt       Goodwill 1.50
Shoes      to old to care
Jewelery  gifted or Chicago Clark Street Import district
Belt          came with another item
Arms and olb compliments of pizza and wine!  Enjoy

What the hell is on her head?


  1. Hi Tammy! :) Got your e-mail, but I cannot find it?! I am replying here! :) The rules can be found on my blog, but first off just create a post with an outfit of $50 or under. Then, e-mail me or leave me a comment with the post link. To do this, click on your blog title then copy the "http://" address above and paste it into my email/comments :) If you need any more help, please let me know and thanks for your interest! :)

    BTW, the florals and colors look great on you! :) And, you look great for your age!

  2. i love this! great look. your necklace is amazing and these are great colors for you!

  3. Tammy, I love your post! You have a warm and humorous writing voice. It reminded me, when my youngest son was little and he had problems saying his "r"'s plus a very proper accent (nothing southern at all) and people would ask if he (we) were from Britain or Australia when they heard him talk.

    On another note, I recently was given the Sunshine Award for blogging and I'd like to pass it along to you because I am really enjoying reading your blog! Stop by my blog to see today's post. I've given the award to ten of my favorite blogs and yours is on the list. You can also get the rules for passing the award on to ten blogs of your choosing. Debbie

  4. You did a great job replicating this look. That skirt is perfect for you. Thanks so much for sharing this in my link up. The new one is up today, so if you have any more thrifted finds, be sure to post them!

  5. you are so funny as usual, Tammy, I like reading your blog, and not lowly at all, it's fabulous! The clerk probably think you are from Paris! You look pretty in that outfit.