Friday, May 13, 2011

She wore I wore part 1-- Some spots are better left unspoken.

I thought it would be fun to see runway models wearing springs/summer  trends and put my spin on it.  
Of course, taking into consideration that they don't eat and I just had a great pasta 
dinner at a fantastic Italian Restaurant!
So this is part 1 of however many parts I want it to be. 
While the model's outfit  is over the top.  I really liked the black/white with a splash of red. 
My red comes in with a snappy b/w, cheetah print, infinity scarf with... wait for it…….red roses.
The simple black and white trend is really classic (shhh don’t tell the model)
I am wearing black linen crops.  A little wrinkled and stretched out due to a 10 hr work day.  (goodwill 2.50­)
White T  ( think it’s my sons)
White jacket with beautiful burn out detail (goodwill 5.00) Update--another reason pictures are helpful.  I should have worn a tank with this jacket.  Seeing the sleeves of the T is pretty tacky!  Oh, well. Lesson learned!
Scarf      ( Chicago import district 3.00)
Shoes (to old to mention but comfy )


  1. Cute idea! I love your interpretation!!


  2. yes, black and white is always classic. love your look and that scarf is the perfect touch of color and bling!