Thursday, May 19, 2011

I won my first award! Champagne for all my friends!

Oh, My God.  ( OMG for our younger friends)   Are you telling me I won an award?  Is it “fragile” as in from Italy?  No, wait it’s the Sunshine award………That must mean it’s from the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”  Oh crap, now I have to thrift a top hat, a cane and learn to do a strip tease………….Oh,  my life can be so difficult, so trying.
But wait, am I missing something?…….yep I  feel it…………Pure Blogger love from my friend Debbie @ Thrifty Girl Vintage
All kidding aside, I am new to this blogging thing and learn a little bit every day.  When I started out I really didn’t think my sense of humor would be one of my strong points.  But I guess you have to understand weak and strong to figure out your voice.
With all sincerity, I say thank you Debbie.  You have been helpful, inspiring and kind.
Now that I’ve been given this great award, who the heck do I give it to?  Nobody told me there was so much pressure in fashion blogging.  I think I need a glass of wine!
Little Miss Sunshine, I’m looking for you!

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