Friday, May 20, 2011

Another challenge.......Preppy at 53

Below is what I felt today.  The fact that I can't link to this site is really making me relive my whole work day.
Not a good thing for this girl.  So I'm sure after 10 times it's me.....maybe wine had something to do with it?
So, off to bed.  Another adventure that didn't happen.
I had a tough day today.  Most days  I can't even think when I get home from the j.o.b. This week was really, basically, crap!
I thought a few idle minutes of looking at the blogs would help my spirits and soul.
But what did I find but another challenge by  Now you're talking.  I'm feeling all kinds of happiness just jumping up and down inside of me.
I actually wore this outfit to work today...sans scarf, uncomfortable shoes and cute purse.  So I guess I kinda wore it...........
This post had me thinking about the years when I would have, should have, could have been preppy.
I don't think people in my area knew what that meant. We couldn't even wear pants to school until 8th grade.
Now mind you I could buy cigarettes, but nope those pants were not proper!
So check out he preppy ladies at
And everybody have a good weekend.
What I wore
Jacket             i.e thrifted Good will for 2.50
Shoes              pretty old, but I think they are Target
Jeans               I think Kohls..........Are these "pajama jeans"?  They sure feel like it.

 boat  neck T   thrifted Good will 2.50
scarf                thrifted, silk, Studio New York
purse               thrifted Good will 1.50


  1. Love your pose...the glasses and book just make it!

  2. Oh Man, I want to shop with you. I can't believe how great you look and the prices you paid for what you have. I'd like to invite you to join my facebook group for Fashion Bloggers over 45 and my facebook page for Fashion BLoggers over 45. I have just started both pages so we only have like two members. Please email me and I will get you the links! Nice to visit your blog girly!

  3. This is a great outfit! Something I would totally wear, but also something completely age appropriate, which can be a very hard line to walk. You have done it beautifully though. I just thought you should know!

    -Heather from

  4. Lovely outfit! WANT that blazer and purse...the jacket fits like a dream! And, you look nice in glasses!

  5. So studious. I love the bag and of course a striped tee is always a winner in my book!

  6. Well , who said there is an age for preppy? You look fantastic, as ever.
    Besos from Berlin.

  7. very cute preppy outfit! love the nude blazer with the stripes. and the jeans really give it a nice casual feel. that handbag is gorgeous! great look!

  8. lovely! i really adore that blazer. thanks for stopping by my blog & sharing some love :) <3