Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vacation packing oh my!!

For the last few years I've had an issue with packing for vacation.  I want to try to streamline my packing  and I'm working on a plan.
This is coming from the queen of the 50lb suitcase and shoes in my carry on bag.
This time I just want to be free from toting all the "junk in my trunk" to sunny Florida.
Below is my plan.  If  I'm a good blogger girl I will update this post through out the week with my decisions.
I'm hoping it will make me more disciplined.

1.  Plan outfits in advance.  Mix and match to come up with combinations before.
2.  Work on color palette to eliminate taking 10 pairs of shoes.
3.  Everything has to have at least 2 purposes.
4.  Take woolite to rinse out items for reuse.
5.  I am not Queen Latifa, cut back on the jewelery.  Make it a mix and match.
6.  Purses are there for a reason.  Take a light weight large purse for daily adventures, and a clutch  (or two) for evening.
7.  We will be staying right on the beach.  And for the first time not renting a car. We just get lost anyway.  We will be relying on the public transportation system, which I hear is very good in the St. Pete's Beach area.
So comfort has to come into play.
So stay tuned........not sure how this one will turn out.

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