Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thrifty things and great outfits

Linking up with Spunky Chateau for Thursday's are for thrifters.........I say thrift on my fellow dress up Barbie's!
This is actually one of the outfits that gets odd looks.  I don't think to many people in my neck of the woods are into maxis

My outfit
This is head to toe thrifted.  Here is a breakdown.  
From Goodwill 
skirt 1.50
crochet cami 2.50,
denim jacket 2.50 
Goodwill version of flatforms 2.50.
Jewelery and purse thrifted from who knows where?
What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Incredible interpretation and what great prices. You knocked it out of the park. Absolutely beautiful. The Linky is up and running, ready for your great post. What are we going to do for April???? A new challenge is definitely needed!

  2. Great interpretation of the original look and at an incredible price!! Great thrifting!!

  3. Found you through the thrift challenge - love this look & the prices! I really like the pattern on that skirt.

    As far as visiting Florida I'm here and you should bring your shorts & dresses! Jeans & sleeves weather left last week and will not be seen again for 6 months :) Have a great time on the beach!

  4. did a great job on interpreting the outfit. You look great and the total price was amazing. I would like to get in on this challenge. I love the purse!

  5. Thank you all for you kind comments.
    I'm still a little nervous with photos and this whole blog thing. I have a blogger named Debbie to thank for encouraging me.
    Who knows what will be next!

  6. Oh - you will look lovely in Florida! Wonderful finds!