Wednesday, January 9, 2013

50 Shades Of Grey

Another blogger posted an outfit that she felt didn't hit the mark.  She bravely asked for comments on what exactly went wrong.  This is always touchy.  Fashion blogging is a forum to express yourself and pretty much expect positive reinforcement for your choices.  You know, if you don't have something nice to say..........
Here is a C/P of my comment to this lovely lady.
Someone one commented (not to kindly) that my black shoes cut off my legs. I was't happy about the comment but alas, she was right and now I rarely wear dark shoes without matching tights..
I think maybe the same thing is happening with your skirt. Not sure but maybe it's kind of cutting you in half. But, what the heck do I know I make mistakes daily and rely on OTD photos to learn as I go.
I have seen and have also posted some hellacious outfits.  I don't usually need someone to comment that I looked like I fell into the tie die bucket  or Stacey and Clinton are going to chase me down and give me a fashion ticket to know that I once again blew it.    I don't believe any of us have a degree in our little hobby. But we learn by doing.  We learn how to assemble outfits, wear color and add accessories.  We learn  by research and we learn from each other with positive feedback.

We will make more bad choices and sometimes it might take days (months) before we even notice and say the ever popular "what the hell was I thinking".

My whole point of this topic is that after I commented on how I felt she missed the mark, I looked at myself and I had unknowingly done the very thing I felt she did wrong.  I had chopped my self in half.

I did this by wearing a lighter color waterfall cardigan with a turquoise T on top of black jeans.  While I hadn't finished adding the accessory frosting it made me really think if I should change my T or try to make it fly with accessories.

So my question for you is did I fly this kite or did it crash and burn?  Did I learn a lesson?  Do you even care? Tee Hee

First outfit no accessories.  Tammy cut in half.

Second try turquoise scarf.  Tammy cut in quarters.

Third try grey ombre scarf.  Am I a whole person again?

This is my first attempt at print jeans.  Clearanced from Target for $13.50

Bad picture but earrings available in my shop see tab at top


  1. Hi Tammy!
    I bet your legs look great in dark shoes regardless of what color tights you wear. It's too bad sometimes when we only remember the negative stuff people say to us. There's probably more truth in compliments!
    Love that cardigan on you, I've been searching for one just like it!!

  2. Gosh, I would not have thought that you cut yourself off in any of the pictures. I really like the one with the turquoise and cream scarf, which is my favorite of your looks.

    I think we are all too critical of ourselves and often others. We are real women who do not have stylists to make our outfits perfect. I enjoy seeing it all. Some people wear things that I would never wear but I love THEIR style as it works on them. Some of those same people might think the same thing about what I wear. At least we try!

    By the way, I started pinning my outfits on Pinterest. I hope I am not the only one to do it.

  3. Hi Tammy,

    I think because the sweater is longer it kind of "joins" your two halves, if that makes any sense. I think I like the black and white scarf better as it seems to tie the outfit together more than the other one. but if you were wearing blue jeans, I'd vote for the scarf with turquoise.

    I also think that there's flattering and then there's what feels right to us. Sometimes they aren't the same thing. ;-)

  4. I agree with Deja Pseu. I love the third photo the best. I wouldn't say the others cut you in half....not at all! I'd say you can wear just about any color with black.
    Way to go on printed jeans! I wish I could see the print.

  5. Hi, I love the third outfit! You look great in all three pictures, but the third really pops! I also loved your post today. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who has looked back at her outfits and thought..oops, I shouldn't have worn that!

  6. Tammy my favorite is the third outfit , I think if we ask for opinions we should expect some that aren't always what we want to hear, but we should be prepared for that if we ask. I think it's great when it's constructive like yours. I love the color of your shirt looks great with the scarf.


  7. Tammy I thought your comment was very thoughtful; sometimes comments are too supportive they sometimes sound insincere--so kudos to you for not just saying cute outfit!
    I think all of your choices are great and not cutting you in half!

  8. Tammy I thought your comment was very thoughtful; sometimes comments are too supportive they sometimes sound insincere--so kudos to you for not just saying cute outfit!
    I think all of your choices are great and not cutting you in half!

  9. Love the black and white scarf the best. This was a very kind and thoughtful post and I think many of us are too quick to post criticism rather than praise. I never give someone a complement unless I truly mean it, and I am reluctant to post negative ones. I would rather post nothing at all.

  10. Love all the outfits--i do think the scarf was the boost it needed!!

    I think your comments were very kind--the poster did ask for input!!

    I'd like to find something that would cut me in half------vertically!!!!! LOLOL

  11. I like the second scarf as much as the third try. I think you look good in all- not very negative am I? But I agree giving real feedback- and suggestions on what could be better can be touchy- but valuable. After all we all want to look our best, right?

    And you are... visiting Seattle? That is awesome! Well, we just had a touch of snow (melted now) and it is COLD, but you've got a great scarf, a great sweater and some long pants, so you're covered!

  12. This is a great topic that needs discussing! Giving and accepting critique is an art form all on its own. There as so many different reasons for outfit posts. It's particularly sensitive for women who have gone past our fresh youthfulness and are on to our mature looks, and the issues are different. There is extreme value in just having a safe place to present yourself and your fashion interests and processes, like Patti's "Visible Monday". But there are also the braver souls who really do want to know how an outfit works or what can be improved. My standard is that a "solution" orientation is paramount. Even if critique is invited, it is inappropriate to say only what one thinks isn't working (and it is, after all, just an opinion on a HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE issue) without providing some seriously considered and constructive ideas about how to improve the situation. Without solution, it's just carping.
    And when commenting positively, I think it's appropriate to note why you like what you're seeing. Then everyone gets something out of the exchange.
    All this is IMHO, and worth only what you get out of it!
    Regarding the photos of you ... I think the first look doesn't cut you in half so much as it is just the first, incomplete layer. Everything you added to it makes it look finished and considered and flattering! And I just think your wrapped cane is so incredibly cool that I can't say more!!!!

  13. Tammy, Port Orchard is beautiful I hear, I can't believe I've never been there. The little ferry you take to get there is very close to my house. I hope you have a wonderful visit!!