Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Many Subjects Not Enough Time

The Holiday's are quickly approaching.  I still have much shopping to do and this year it's about 75% on line the balance being some trendy charm necklaces I am making for all of the young ladies in our life.  
This is the first of many years I have been forced back to the toy section.  I honestly feel like I've been dropped onto another planet!  I have no earthly clue what to buy for these little ones.

This weekend we are attending a house Christmas party.  I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear and I think you know for me that is very out of character.  The weather is going to be mild and that's always a good thing.  I am going to motivate myself to shop my closet this afternoon to see what I can come up with.  It's a holiday casual party so the options are endless.  I just don't want my outfit to clash with Mr. Walker!!!  You might see an outfit option post tomorrow.  

I rolled my sales from my Etsy shop (Green Tree Cabin) into purchasing all of the supplies for the charm necklaces.  I'm hoping that I can do the same thing with my Silverstyle shop .  I will slowly build up inventory without a large cash outlay.  That's pretty important right now since I've been off for several months.
I made a collage so you know what items are coming in the next few weeks.  I won't add them until they are actually available to me.  I don't want to take a chance on not being able to deliver a Christmas gift on time.
If any of you have any suggestions on how to promote (very important) or in any way better the shop it would be greatly appreciated. I can't express the importance of it's success.  I might not like complete honesty on outfit comments but I feel honesty is the only way to make this work. e 

One last thing.  I am in the process of linking a facebook page to my blog.  Please give me a little hand and like me............Silverstyle facebook page 

I think I broke all of the blogging rules today.  To many subjects for sure.  But, I am what I am!  

Take a peek at upcoming arrivals


  1. Tammy! hi! there are blogging rules? LOL. love the top right corner one. omg-osh!!! don't ask me how to market stuff. i just blog.

    have a fabulous day, k?

  2. hi Tammy! i have a motorola smart phone = droid. any info would be appreciated. i took a few pics when my camera died, with my droid but it wouldn't load to my computer for some silly reason. it usually works, but the other night it was freezing and seizing up my entire computer. i decided to back off and just skip trying to get pics for my post.

    are you following me? oh, i will gladly go to you fb page. thanks for the invite and you are invited to join me as well, if you'd like? see ya.

  3. hi again! we are so chatting today, huh? lol. thank you for the info and suggestions. my next post will be on friday and i could use those droid snap methods, huh? ty!!!!

  4. Tammy! thanks for stopping over! yes, camera great. no, can't figure it out all the way yet.

  5. Tammy your shop is great, congratulations, I am proud of you. Keeping motivated!! Great selection and what a wonderful way to make money and be at home. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers, wonderful. dawn suitcase vignettes xo