Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Style Choices

This morning I am sitting cozily in the recliner dressed in new fluffy Christmas pants and wrapped in my new cozy throw.  The house is quiet and everybody is back to their normal routine including me.

My recovery is progressing and I should be able to return to work the middle of January.  That brings both happiness and sheer terror.  At that point I will have been off for 5 months.  That's 5 months of watching the world dance by through my family room windows.  My family has been wonderful in so many ways including sheltering me and watching over my every move.  I know this has been done with love and I'm so very happy to have them.  The downside of this secluded love is knowing that when I return to work it will be very difficult.  I will go back full time and will be expected to resume responsibilities as if I am returning from a normal vacation.  Terrified is to put it lightly.  I know I will be physically and mentally drained and the less time I have to focus on apparel the better.

I am trying to do things now that will ease my rentry in to the work force, like learning the new computer system and communicating with co-workers to try to stay in the loop.  One of the things I need to start working on today is putting together easy to wear outfits.  I still have physical challenges.  The biggest style issue being no heels and that means that the great majority of my past outfits will not work.  Pants are to long and skirts just don't look right with my limited selection of flats.  I should have purchased a couple of pairs of stylish flats but I think my mind just wouldn't let me.  Maybe it's denial or simply my stubborn nature.  I might take advantage of the Christmas sales to finally fill that need.
The outfits will need to be easy assembly and easy wear as my days are long with a longer than I prefer commute.  I know the first month or so will physically and mentally exhaust me so the less brain power I have to use on apparel the better.

My plan is to take my normal routine of selecting a couple of outfits in advance to a work capsule.
Yes, I am going to look at it like I'm packing for a trip.  My sense of style as changed dramatically during this recovery time and, for the most part I think I like the new me.  Comfort takes top priority with casual coziness and of course some bling or flair added like the icing on a cupcake.

Here is the plan.
1.  Create a work ready section in  my closet.
2.  Go through closet from hell and select skirts and slacks that fit well and will wear well with flats.
3.  Select Tops, sweaters and scarves that match and add variety to base piece.
4.  Lay all items on freshly made bed (That hasn't happened recently)
5.  Assemble outfits.
6.  Pick out jewelry and accessories to add what will probably be a much needed punch of individually.
7.  Wear each outfit and tweak as necessary.
8.  Take picture and file in the "work ready" section.
9.  Stick to the plan!

What do you think of my plan?  How do you prepare your outfits for work?  If you have anything to add please feel free to do so.  I have a feeling I'm going to need all of the help I can get.

Hope everybody had a great holiday!  I know I did.


  1. That sounds like a great plan, Tammy. There are lots of cute flats out there now, hope you find some you like. Can you section off a portion of your closet to hang each week's pre-assembled workday outfits? Best of luck to you on your return to work, and don't hesitate to have your doctor request accommodation if you need it. You've been through a LOT!

  2. I think you have a great idea. Photographing them so you will remember them when you have to get ready is a great idea.
    I agree with Pseu. You might have your Dr. give you a modified release where you start back with reduced hours and then build yourself up. Just going back after a vacation is exhausting and after what you have been through it will be a real challenge. However, I know you can do it. You have grit and determination!

  3. That really does sound like a great plan. I know how difficult it can be to go back to work after being out for an extended period of time. You can do it. Just do it step by step.

  4. Excellent plan, Tammy and a post like this can be so helpful to others walking through the same experience and we know from statistics that is a lot of women. Hear, hear on the doctor release...makes much sense. Thank you for sharing your journey so that it will help others.

  5. Wishing you much success as you resume full time work. Funny how a tiny thing- like wearing flats can alter the style of an outfit. I am confident that you will work it out and do it with aplomb!

  6. Tammy--I think you have an excellent plan!!

    After the great faceplant of 2011 and being in casts for months-I have resigned myself that I can no longer wear heels. I just got rid of the last pair. I sighed-hemmed my pants and brought lots of cute flats.

    You should buy a couple of cute flats and hemm a few pants for now--it will expand your wardrobe considerably!

  7. A very happy Christmas to you dear Tammy! The new year will be challenging but I have faith that you will meet the challenge well, even if it it is hard! Your plan sounds excellent! I am afraid I don't have much of a plan for my outfits except that the night before, I lay something out and then have a nose around thinking about the following day- often dictated by how I am feeling!!

  8. Great plan!
    Good luck with can do it! You are a strong woman!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a terrific weekend!

  9. You could always stretch your work wardrobe by basting up some of your pant and skirt hemlines. If you think you will get back into heels, then don't press the new hem down... then it can be let down again when you are ready.

    If you think your days of heels are over, then do a more permanent job with the hems, and press away!