Monday, December 31, 2012

Walk With The Ones You Love

I've seen this quote many times on Pinterest.  Usually, I don't pay a lot of attention and just keep pinning. Today for some reason I saved it and the image stayed with me through out the afternoon.  As I went about my day I started thinking.  Who am I to have a blog about fashion and style.  If three men were walking behind me right now they would fall asleep due to my slowness.  A good friend of mine told me he was going to get me a farm sign.  You know the big yellow one that says "slow moving vehicle"  Yep, that's the kind of humor and love I get in my world.  I laughed and truly thought it was funny.  I love that guy!
Back to the three men walking behind me............Friday I went to lunch with a friend to one of the cutest little Italian restaurants (the kind with the cloth napkins and $10.00 glass of wine).  She graciously dropped me off at the door.  I was motoring my way along and opened the first door.  Then behind me a very nicely dressed and quite handsome young man said let me get the door for you.  Since I already had it I said oh please you go first.  And he actually said ma'am I couldn't do that please let me help you (old lady swoon).  The hostess station was just inside the door so we arrived there at the same time.  The Hostess asked me how many and this incredibly dressed young man was next to me.  All I could say was a table for two please but, unfortunately he isn't with me.  I can tell you  both of them fell in to a laugh spasm............I might not be able to wiggle as if three men are walking behind me but ladies I can still make them laugh!

Being 54 quickly closing on 55 made me realize many of the pictures and blogs I look at have girls in them that are 1/3 of my age!  My God that is a sobering thought!  I might have to have a glass of wine to get over that one.
So the moral of my story is I don't need to walk like three men are behind me.  I am quite happy to walk with my family and friends right next to me and make the younger characters in my play of life laugh.

This afternoon the Man and I are off to check out a new Tapas restaurant in our area.  We fell in love with this style of dining while on vacation in Florida.  Hope it's just as good!  Then it's home with fluffy pants a fire and a drink or two. Tomorrow we are headed to the cabin for a New Years Day party with our lake friends.

Here is my New Years Eve outfit.  I have become a bigger fan of long tops and leggings.  The only way I can find them long enough is to buy a plus size and seam it in a few inches on each side (this one was a thrifted gifted gift from my Mom).  The leggings are fleece lined, another love I have found this winter!  The necklace is one of the items I have available in my Silverstyle store (see above tab).  And No my picture isn't crooked......It was the camera!  I'm still using my Iphone.....  Oh, well better luck next time!  Now off to start a new blog folder for 2013.
And Ladies I will tell you 2012 was the worst year in my life.  I don't want to sound bitter so I won't say how I really feel, but it does has something to do with it burning in hell!
Let us all have faith the the new year approaching will bring healing, peace and comfort for all!

Happy New Years my blogging buddies!  We will never get younger but always, always make them laugh!


  1. You look lovely for New Year's Eve. It's so nice to know there are still young men with manners. I can never find leggings long enough to fit me either. I'm 5'10" and very thin so I don't know if plus size would work. I love the look of leggings and a long sweater. Especially when paired with boots.

  2. You are making me feel old. I'm 67 and don't have the problems you have but just a bad back and knees and a big belly. There is something about the idea of 3 men that says walk sexy to me. And your referral reminded me that I haven't tried to be sexy or dress sexy or look sexy in quite a while. I used to love the feeling of being a little sexy. I'm really going to have to put some thought into how to turn that around. And I love the oversized sweaters but alas, they fit now. Got to do something about that too. Thank you for the post because I needed your words.

  3. Tammy, your humor and attitude are an inspiration! Give 'em hell. ;-) Sometimes all we can do is laugh. You look great in that photo!

  4. Tammy! Great book and great attitude. Thank you. You have a wonderful 2013, k?


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  6. Oh my gosh! You've got me laughing so hard! YOU FUNNY!
    Oversized sweater & leggings...perfect!
    I really really hope that 2013 will help you forget 2012!
    God bless you!

  7. I really hope that 2013 will be a spectacular year for you. I know this past one has been rough, but you have made it through and you do look fabulous. I have on a long sweater and leggings today too. It is really cold outside and this is a comfy outfit.
    The cane is quite jaunty too! Pretty decorations.

  8. Tammi, I appreciate your honesty in your blog. I know this year has been tough and you've struggled with some dark feelings but I know that your sense of perspective and sense of humour will carry you through the rest of your recovery. I actually giggled out loud at your comment to the maitre d''re so witty! I love the quote you posted which I'd never seen before, but your take is just as good.