Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest: Sometimes it's the Mood

Welcome back to my Pinterest series.  My last post kicked off a series on using Pinterest as a personal stylist or idea closet.  

While I'm recovering I have a lot of time to spend on line.  It's a lot easier for me to pick out Pinterest, inspiration outfits then it is for me to get dressed and get my photo taken for the post.  
10 seconds is not a lot of time when you are on the rolator 5000.

What I try to do is just pick out things that interest me.  I might pick an outfit because of the color combination or  I might just learn a new way to tie a scarf or new colors to put together or another layering trick.  So much to learn and be inspired by.  One thing I never consider when pinning is the age, shape and weight of the woman wearing the outfit.  Almost always they are young, beautiful and thin.  I look only at the components of the outfit.  I do as we all should take into consideration my age weight and personal style.  I also try to look for inspiration for items that currently live in my closet.  Since it is bursting at the seams and I can't get out of the house I have to use what I have.  This works well for me since I'm currently not bringing home the bacon or for that matter I'm not even frying it up in a pan. What a disappointment I am to that 80's commercial!!

So give it a try.  Learn new ways to work what you have living with you and use your money in a wiser direction...........Can anybody say Mani/Pedi????????????

As in my last post I used the modern technology of Photoshop to add a few lbs. onto the inspiration  photo.  We all know that they were probably shopped before they were posted so I just wanted the normal women that read this blog to be able to relate.

Below is an update on my status........Quit reading if you want.  Or continue on since I am known to ramble.

I went to the Dr. Tuesday.  According to the first surgeon he wanted me to get my hip replaced.  So off we went to his partner that handles those types of procedures.  To the great surprise and confusion of the Man and I, he felt we haven't given the break enough time to heal and should wait for another month.  We have decided to take his advice since another surgery is the last thing I want to go through.  Will update you again in a month.  If we can still afford internet in a month!!!  I am joking about the internet.  The Man and I have a long standing deal.  No internet, no cable!  Trust me I'm safe on this one.

I think many things go through our mind when we choose what to wear.  This is a mood inspiration.  High 70's today in the Midwest but dropping quick this afternoon.  I'm ready for whatever the weather brings..........

Have a good weekend and hope to post soon.  If you are on the East Coast batten down the hatches you're about to get a visit from Sandy.  Shouldn't something this catastrophic have a more powerful name??  Just be safe and protect what is yours.

Inspiration photo:  Light and easy

Me being cool and breezy


  1. This is a great take on the inspiration. I don't actually use Pinterest much for outfit ideas--instead I'm pinning cleaning ideas and recipes, both clues to what I don't do in real life.

    And, yes, I'm glad you're going to wait another month. Here's hoping that makes a significant difference.

  2. I love Pinterest, I've been using it a lot lately for outfit inspiration. I really like your take on the pin you found!

    I hope that you heal more over the next month!!

  3. I'm giggling about the doctored inspiration photo. When I first looked at it, something She looked a bit orangatuan-esque. I know what you mean about how fashion should come in all shapes and sizes. I have plenty of pinned photos of models and celebrities in clothing I'm inspired, but just as many of bloggers who come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

    I like your version of the inspiration photo, right down to the long turquoise necklace. Hope the healing this month goes well. Thinking of you...

  4. Great take on the inspiration photo. Love that top. lots and lots of healing during this next month for you.

  5. I really like your outfit... you at least LOOK relaxed. Although I imagine you're a bit tense, wondering what is going to happen....

  6. Tammy you must be frustrated you have to wait another month but stay in there, you're looking groovy in this outfit! I love how you photoshopped the image in reverse. We are all hoping your recovery gets better soon1

  7. Tammy--glad to hear that you may not have to have more surgery!!! Love your outfit better then the inspiration!!