Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest and Your Closet

A while back I posted about using Pinterest for Style inspiration.  While I am still in recovery mode I'm going to try something new.  As often as I can post (or talk somebody into taking my picture) I'll show how I use a Pinterest style that caught my eye and restyled it in my own (whacked) way.  Hope you enjoy this series.

Oh, and just to even the playing I took the liberty of adding a few pounds (via Photoshop) to the inspiration photos.  The way I see it if they can Photoshop to skinny I can reverse it a tad so I/we don't feel so depressed.  Creative license?

I selected the first look for a easy, casual, Saturday style.  But what happened in the black hole I call a closet is that I decided to combine two looks.  I love my long sweater and I can't find my shorter cable knit sweater.  I think it is still living in the bin under the stairs.  I actually like my look better since I decided to wear jeggings instead of jeans and I have a firm rule of covering my rear when wearing jeggings/leggings.
Remember I am still challenged in the shoe department so boots are still not an option for me.  

So if you haven't pinterested your closet get going.  The options are amazing and chances are most of the items already live with you!

I think I might be able to go thrifting today.  If so I know it will be quick and I already have my list ready.
Dark red (Oxblood) Cardigan or pull over, denim shirt for tucking in and if I'm lucky a pair of flat, black or brown booties........... 

Don't forget to check out the tab for Green Tree Cabin.  That's my new Etsy store.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, oh, oh--I love the idea of the reverse photoshopping! And I think you've adapted the style ideas very well!

  2. Wow, love your interpretation, Tammy! And the idea of reverse photoshopping is enormously appealing.

  3. If I had Photoshop, I'd try the same thing.

    Your inspiration outfit is spot on and I think looks better than the others! You are looking mighty thin too.

  4. Tammy--I like yours better than the inspirations!!! You're looking good!!

  5. Hi Tammy - you are looking good, and I love your Photoshop idea. A chunky sweater is so great for Fall. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, I am thinking about you often, and sending good thoughts to you. xxx

  6. While it would be far better not to be injured at all, at least you're doing some stylish thinking! So glad you are at a stage of recovery that you can indulge in a little retail/thrifting therapy. It's still 80 flipping degrees here, and I'm yearning to get into my sweaters. You're looking good, kiddo!

  7. Thanks for showing off your style on Monday Mingle.


  8. Tammy, you and that little walker with wheels is too cute although I know you can't wait to be back to your independent self. You know all the seniors at my work whip around on those!!! Just saying..hahaha! Well, I love pinterest and the fact that you are getting inspired from it. Me too! Great outfit, you know I think you have great style. This outfit is a really great pick! Heading to pinterest now. I will check you out. Congrats on the store I will drop by there too. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  9. That sweater looks just like the one in the inspiration photo! I love these two looks combined as you're wearing them.

  10. Hey I love your effort. One of these days I will post a full length pick of myself that I will like. (toooo self conscious) awhk. I love those animal print flats (envy, covet) ya.