Monday, September 3, 2012

Shhh!! Close your eyes. It's really a Kayak

Two weeks ago tomorrow my life changed.  The Man and I went from a totally independent, active couple to two people that sit around watching TV and trying to coordinate when our son will be home so he can help the Man get me up the 5 stairs that go from our laundry room to the outside landing.  Today was one of the days we were able to get outside. Usually we are out for an hour or so.  Today was different  The Man  pushed me in my "kayak" several blocks to Walgreen's to buy of all things heavy duty pads so I don't pee down my legs several times a day. I've been told frequent urination is common after surgery to rid your body of all of the built up fluids.  Frequent is one thing, 5 times a night on a walker is a totally different story.  I will say this is finally starting to subside but I take no steps with out my Wonder Woman pee shields!!!!!
As a treat we were going to stop at a local restaurant and have a drink and sandwich on the patio.  I was pretty excited since this was my first outing. But, disappointment was right around the corner as we discovered  they were closed for the holiday.
Back at home I had a glass of wine and some chilled grapes and watermelon (much better for me than the Rum and diet with a club sandwich and fries I had my heart set on.  Finally, it was time to come in and honest to goodness I had to take a nap!  A nap I tell you!  In the lazy boy propped up with pillows and covered with a quilt.  Now come on!  This was at 330 this afternoon.  So here we are at 630 on Labor Day watching Wheel of Fortune!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I want my life back!

I am feeling better and make an effort to get dressed and put on make up everyday.  Most days it's must my Mom and the Man around but it does make me feel better.  I made a deal with my Mom.  She is going to polish my toe nails (I still can't bend down that far and the Man said he drew a line on that one)  and I'll do her finger nails.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

I am trying to get my creative juices flowing.  I think besides manicures this week will also hold some sewing. A bit of up-cycling if you will.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Have a good week and make sure you put each foot on solid ground.  You can totally trust me when I tell you that a foot in mid air = a solid thud on the ground!

My picture was taken today so I thought I'd share it with you.  Remember Shhhhhhh!! I'm really in my shiny red kayak cruising on the lake.
Because I had a nap and I'm feeling a little adventurous I thought I would try linking up to Visible Monday and Monday Mingle


  1. It's great to see a photo of you--even in your kayak. I know that you're having plenty of challenges and I think of you as I go up and down the plentiful stairs at our house. I hope you do get to sew this week. I would hate to be so confined to a television, especially during a presidential campaign!

  2. I agree with Terri - it is so good to see you again, kayak or no. It is so painful to consider your long healing process, but I think about you often and send positive thoughts to you. I love the mani-pedi bargain you made with your Mom! Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday, I have missed you so much.

  3. Tammy,
    So glad to see you!
    I had to laugh a bit as you describe your unfortunate situation....I can't imagine your hubby looking for your needs.
    Get better soon!

  4. I can understand your predicament.....several years ago I incurred a herniated disc and was confined to my recliner 24/7 (altho I was able to go to the bathroom). I am so glad you have your hubby and mom around to help. Your positive attitude is a GOOD thing....better to laff at your situation than have a pity party. Hope you feel better each day and are able to do something creative. TV gets really boring.

  5. Oh Tammy I've just caught up with your last cuople of posts... I'm so sorry to hear about your accident!!! But you do sound so very positive, and I'm glad to see you've got your sense of humour intact ;)

    Wishing you all the very best for a speedy recovery - I hope the TV watching doesn't drive you mad. Good job we have Pinterest - what would we do without it in our lives...????!!!!!!

    lots and lots of love to you
    Catherine x

  6. Tammy I seriously could not figure out how your man could push you in a kayak up the street. I envisioned him adding wheels to the bottom of it or have not lost your sense of humor or style. Love your entire outfit...great shoes. Funny you are! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo I know how you feel about wanting your life post surgery although elective was brutal at times. Hang in there doll. xo

  7. Kayak! Good idea Tammy! I'm glad to see you and hope that your healing process continues to go well, you seem very positive about it which is a really good thing! Loving the hat by the way! The toe,nail deal sounds good but I'm glad it's not me, I'm useless at nail polish! Sewing sounds a great idea! Take care x

  8. so glad youre starting to feel better! fortunately you cant break your sense of humor. and if you need more ice cream! hope to see some sewing projects on the blog soon!

  9. I think I would have cried to forfeit a club sandwich for grapes, especially in the condition you're in. But at least there was wine involved. lol
    The leopard shoes look great for kayaking. :)

  10. You are looking good-all things considred!!
    Speedy healing prayers going up for you!!

  11. Tammy, bravo to you for doing so well after such a serious accident. It is so awful to not be independent and able to do the small things like get a cup of coffee by yourself. When I had my knee surgery and faced some similar issues, it really made me have a lot more sympathy for those who have long term issues with mobility.

    I really think that anyone who maintains a good attitude, like you have, will get well faster and with better results. You even made the effort to accessorize and put on those leopard shoes! Keep on kayaking dear Tammy!

  12. So glad you're on the mend and using your chair as an accessory! ( Hope this one will have only a very brief season. ) And thanks again for your blog. I appreciate that you actually spend some time writing about the concept and not just pics. I like to read about fashion as well as look at it. Keep writing, please.
    Jan Graham-McMillen

  13. Any fashion blogger worth her stripes would find a way to incorporate leopard prints into a photo of her bound to a wheelchair. Way to go Tammy! I'm truly glad you have a support system as having someone to lean on without fear of judgment is so important. Keep well and glad for the updates.