Saturday, September 1, 2012

As Independent as a Hog on Ice Flying up the Stairs

Several days have passed since I posted the news of my airborne crash.  I am feeling better and really do see an improvement each day.
I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned while being leashed (not literally) to the Lazy Boy.

I am a crazy independent person.  My Mom said that when I was a girl they would say that I was as "independent as a hog on ice"  I suppose that is what I may have looked at flying up the stairs the other morning.  My independent nature has had to be put on hold.  I have had to have somebody help me to the restroom, supply me with drinks and nourishment, prop me up in the chair and help me every step of the way.  I will forever be grateful for my Mom coming to town to stay with me and to the Man for all of the help and sleepless nights he has endured.  When your Man is willing to scrub your toes without the promise of sex you know it's true and lasting love.

Slowly, some of my independence is returning.  I am actually down to only peeing down my legs once a day instead of about 8.  I can easily get to and from the restroom and I am finally sleeping about 4 hrs at a time during the night (geeze  I sound like an infant!)

I spent the first 4 or so days in the most miscombulated outfits of baggy sweat shorts, men's T shirts and an occasional flannel shirt ( just for shits and giggles!)  The last few days I have been forcing myself to put on make up and regular clothes.  These outfits aren't blog worthy but they make me feel a lot better about myself.  Capri's, soft knee length skirts and an occasional summery scarf is about all I have to smile about.
It's not that I'm sad or depressed I think more than anything I am bored.  I read, watch TV and spend way to much time on Pinterest.

I have been able to get outside a few times but, it is pretty difficult as somebody has to help the Man (bless his poor shoulders) carry me up and down the stairs.  With this being the official end of summer it's kinda sad to spend it in my family room watching the remnant's of Issac rain our weekend away.

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes.  Be sure to stop by and tell me about you holiday adventures!!!


  1. I am sure you are pleased with the progress you are making. I'm really glad you are getting better.

  2. I have noticed you on Pinterest more and I'm liking many of the things you're pinning. And yes, I suspect that the man has loved you like this all along and this is his opportunity to show it. If you can, indulge yourself somehow...

  3. Cracking up about the man washing your toes w/ no promise of sex. hahaha

  4. Sounds like you are getting your piss & vinegar back! Atta Girl! :)

  5. Tammy--this totally sounds like my summer of 2011.
    I fell at work--breaking my nose, severly spraining my right wrist and elbow and severly spraining and chipping a bone in my left knee. I couldn't use crutches or walker and was pretty much stuck in the recliner for weeks. I totally feel for you!!