Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Sheath Dress and Oh, My, God are Those Really my Legs

I had to go to a wake tonight.  My dear, little 88 year old neighbor passed away.  Her and I became quite the good buds over the last 10 years.  I will miss her greatly and wish her well on her next journey.  

This post is basically knowing what the hell you look like before you walk out the door.
This morning I had a cute skirt and top picked out.  Put in on and didn't work for me.  So I grabbed a pair of what I thought were coral capri's and my cute sleeveless top that has coral stripes down the middle.  Mind you I'm getting dressed at 530 in the morning and the lighting isn't the best!
Once I got to work in all the florescent glory I realized my capri's were not coral but a deep rose and the coral stripe clashed horribly.  I am thankful that I wore a breezy sweater but, shoot that could have ruined my whole day.  I need to feel confident and put together.  I feel when you feel that way you act that way and people actually treat you that way (Is that enough that way's?).

So on to my evening.  I decided on this cute summer sheath.  This style is classic and is pretty flattering on almost everybody.  I was waiting for the Man to get ready so I thought I'd take some shots for the blog.

Off we went to the wake.  Fast forward.  Home and now putting a post together.  Would somebody please tell me where my legs went and where did these tree stumps come from?

So for me it was a lesson leaned twice today.  Know what you look like before you leave the house.

Remember, that foggy mirror in the hallway will not tell you the truth and is not your friend!
Happy 4th of July, we are off to an outside concert and fireworks.  Hope I have better luck with tonight's outfit!

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  1. Tammy, you look GREAT in that dress!

  2. There is *nothing* wrong with those legs, my friend, you look great. Sorry about your friend's passing - it sounds like you and she were very fond of each other.

  3. Tammy, when I saw your photo in my Bloglovin feed my first thought was blimey - Tammy's figure is AMAZING!!! This dress is so pretty and you look so great... legs and all. And I'm sorry to hear about you losing your neighbour, I bet you were a really good friend to her in her final years.

    Take care
    Catherine x


  4. It's a lovely dress. Like you, I've dressed in the dark before and once ended up at a conference with one black pump and one navy pump.

  5. Haha, I think you look fantastic!! That dress really shows off your figure...hot mama!
    Love the shoes, too!
    Sorry about your neighbor passing...

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbour, how lovely that you two became close over the years. Now on the outfit, LOVE this dress on you and girl, you're crazy, your legs are so toned- I'm jealous! I am the same way, if I don't love my outfit or pick it out in a rush, I'm in a foul mood all day!

  7. Hush girl u have b-u-tiful legs the dress is great on u u look fab!

  8. You look awesome and could you possibly highlight the tree stumps cause I ain't seeing 'em. ;-)

  9. ROFLMBO---Oh how I can relate to this post!!
    The dress i wore for our daughter's wedding was knee-length. When I saw the pix of me next to the bride my lily white legs outglowed the white of her wedding dress!! AAARRRGGGHH!!

    The dress has been shortened into a tunic blouse!

  10. So funny....sort of. because I feel that pain. I'm wondering where the dimpling around my knees came from. Now I feel I have to wear shorts that cover them and my legs were always one of my best features. It seems my physical form is hosting a lot of uninvited guests lately. Ahhh well, one of the privileges of aging I guess.