Thursday, June 28, 2012

Floats Like a Butterfly

I titled this post after my "butterfly" dress.  This was actually an impulse buy from my last trip to the farmers market.  I couldn't resist!  It's flows so beautifully.  The purchase made me happy.  Then Tuesday when I wore it to a birthday, dinner I was happy all over again.  Pretty good, two happy's out of a $15.00 impulse buy (that possibly is cheaper than wine happy).  When I got home from the dinner I asked the Man to snap a couple of shots for the blog.  He's getting better at it and is now even telling me how to pose.  Not that it really helped the photos but it was a lot of fun.  After a year and a half of blogging I am still self conscious about having my picture taken.  I guess I'm just used to the tri pod and zinga-zanga pics are done and ready to edit.  He does seem to take longer but, he's like that.  I'm also experimenting a bit with color resolution and some of the other things that photo shop has to offer.  I tell you, that is an amazing program but not for the weak at heart and by no means user friendly.  Everything I have learned has been from on line videos. I just watch stop and start until I have it.  The sad thing is, I have been so distracted that by the time I get ready to use that feature again I can't remember how to do it and have to start all over again!  Oh, well.  The trials of a 50+ blogger never end.

Many cities are having their 4th of July celebrations this weekend.  So have fun, remember what the holiday stands for (I'm a Navy Mom) and be safe.

Does anybody know what the style of this dress is called?  I really do love it and was thinking about making a couple more.............that's how I roll!

Butterfly picture


  1. I think the sleeves are called bat wing sleeves. Don't you love it when you can pick up something you love when you don't expect it? Also, when it's inexpensive as this dress/tunic?
    Are you enjoying the 100+ days we are experiencing in Indiana?

  2. It's a pretty dress/tunic! And I like how you've styled it. You might consider taking a continuing education course in Photoshop--might help you remember better.

  3. Love this look on you!! Sexy! This is really an outfit for all ages. It would be cute maternity wear too. I love how it reveals and conceals at the same time. I have no idea what it would be called. Maybe a variation on a handkerchief dress? Happy Fourth of July. Up north we are celebrating Canada Day!

    1. Maybe a little more revealing than I anticipated with the sun behind me!

  4. Gorgeous tunic/dress--so floaty!!!
    Yeah-photoshop can be brutal to use at times!