Thursday, June 21, 2012

Work Attire if you are Strawberry Shortcake

This last year my life has been full of trauma and drama
From my Dad passing a year ago to the job that I have loved for the last 13 years being bought out by a national company.  I'm pretty strong so I put my big girl panties on and dealt with the trauma/drama life was dealing me.  (The latest personal issue I've eluded to can't even be discussed.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to do my happy dance and explain it all.)
With the current exception things were moving along pretty well.  Next thing I know slam, bang I am transferred to the Chicago office!   This little old lady just can't take very many more changes.  I've only got two pairs of big girl panties and they are getting thread bear!
So, now I drive 40 minutes instead of  8  (exactly 8 I tell you!)  I get up at 5am instead of 630 and I work with 60-75 people instead of 8.  That my friends is culture shock.

So, off I go.  I truly wear 95% of the outfits I post to work.  The first few weeks nobody said much to me.  Then  a  younger woman stopped me in the hall and told me she liked my outfit.  A few days later I was introduced to a new young employee by an equally young lady and she referred to me as the
"cute dresser"!  Can you imagine the songs that were singing in my heart?  A couple of days ago another young lady said she would like for me to go shopping with her so I could help her pick out work appropriate clothes...  Now I've got opera in my heart.  Then today I was in one of the other departments talking to a very nice man around my age and he said how nice I looked in the above outfit.  I just smiled and thanked him.   But what got me was the young Man next to him piping in and said "she looks nice everyday".

Now, ladies.  I gotta tell you I never got that type of support from my coworkers in the past.  So weather it be Strawberry Shortcake, maxis or slimmed down colored jeans.  Don't be afraid........Never be afraid!


  1. Good for you! You look so cute and not like Strawberry shortcake at all.

  2. Compliments like this have got to make that additional drive worth it! Of course, they are stating the obvious!

  3. I bet those songs and operas in your heart make those 40 minutes go by like the blink of an eye. U look beautiful as always

  4. Yay! A few kind words go a long long way. You deserve good things to happen to you. I hope your issues resolve gracefully.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Your outfit totally deserves the recognition as do you, because you do look fabulous.
    It's wonderful to be noticed ... irrespective of age, who doesn't like being told they look fabulous!
    Seems to me the universe realiied that others needed your influence more than the where you were :-0
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the songs in your heart.

  6. I don't work anymore, but have to drive a distance to most places. When I worked, it was nice after work to "chill" on my drive home. The only drawback, here in Indiana, is sometimes the winter weather. That can be very stressful. You always look great! Compliments always give us a lift. You deserve them!!!!

  7. Tammy, that story has warmed my heart - how lovely for you (as Patti @ Not Dead Yet says) to be "visible"!!!! WE always knew you were, it's just so nice to have compliments from people you know/work with as you said... I'm also so glad for you considering the tough time you've been having. I'm not surprised they commented on this outfit - it's soooo office chic my dear, the shorts are rocking and I love the peach colour! You wear pastels so well :)))

    Catherine x

    P.S. I love the last line. Brilliant advice.

  8. Tammy, I was feeling so sad along with you as I read your post but I'm so happy to hear how your outfits are not only opening the door to networking opportunities but also giving you much-deserved validation. We women are strong and this is an example of resilience!! You look fantastic, btw, as always, and your blog title made me giggle.

  9. I think you look smashing! Pink is a good color on you. I am so glad that the people you work with are taking notice of you. I think it is wonderful. When I worked there were a couple of people who would remark about what I wore. One told me she looked forward every day to see what I wore and she would miss that we she retired.
    I have a jacket similar to what you are wearing. I am going to have to get it out and wear it, now that you have inspired me!
    My last couple of years of working I had to drive 30 minutes away to a place I hated to be. Know that all this will pass even though now it seems as though it never will.
    You make me proud to know know you.

  10. I love the outfit!! that color is amazing on you!