Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Left to My Own Devices and Taking Life in Stride

I am determined to keep blogging.  I might not nail the inspiration look, or write the wittiest post, even though my writing does have a style (or lack of) of it's own.  I just refuse to take blogging or style or what's in my closet to seriously.  Don't get me wrong I love clothes, if I didn't I would be writing a gardening or cooking blog.  And yes, you really owe me thanks for that!

I am going to continue down my own path.  If I like a trend I'll usually fall head over heels in love, have it before anybody else in Hoosier land  and thrift my way right through it.  If I don't like it, I guess I prefer to pretend it just doesn't exist.  Finally, when I get it down to a science  everybody else is wearing it. Then it just doesn't thrill me anymore.  I am holding on tight to my Maxi's.  Even though they are getting fairly common  I'll give them another round or two..  Personally, that is a perk of living in the Midwest.   It takes a while for all of the East/West trends to hit so I feel I get double bang for my buck.  And sometimes when East meets West in Indiana it can be a site to see!

I haven't participated in many link ups for the past two months.  Again, a little determination.........I wanted to participate in Two Birds Inspiration Monday, and Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday   And just because my evening was working out well I thought I'd throw in a link up with Jill for Monday Mingle   I didn't think I would have the time and personal freedom this evening but luck was on my side.  The Man had an eye appointment and Son #3 is at work.  So this is what happens when you leave your slightly crazy Wife/Mother home with some wine and time on her hands.
First she takes old T shirts and strips them into a cool red/black scarf.  Then she sneaks into your closet and "borrows" your tuxedo shirt and jacket.  Then viola she has quirky outfit that will do her blog justice.

Ok,, the truth is I did cut up old  T shirts but they were already destined to donate.  I've had the tuxedo jacket for years and have worn it with everything from sequins to jeans and boots.  And lastly I thrifted the tuxedo shirt a month or so ago and couldn't wait to wear it with black skinny jeans.

The red jacket has been worn here before.  I do think I like it better than the black.  I think I am starting to back off on some of the black in my wardrobe.

What do you think?  Which look do you like better?  Amazing that the simple change of a jacket can totally change an outfit.

Have a good week.

P.S.  Yes, those are my old lady readers in my hand.  Can't see the damn camera without them!


  1. I like the first look with the dark jacket. It looks more relaxed and not forced.

  2. I like them both, but I like the proportions of the first outfit better. It looks casual and chic too. That red jacket is beautiful!
    I am so glad to see you back and a bit feisty. We need to stick together and support each other. I made a kind of similary tee shirt scarf, but mine has much smaller strips. I had it out today as a matter of fact. Great minds, huh?
    I mean it when I tell you that you can write to me if you need a shoulder to lean on. Gosh, I have been through so much in my life and I know it can be very helpful to have someone to just "listen". So I am here if you need me. airedale3 at cox dot net.

  3. Oh, I LOVE both outfits!! You look great!
    But, if I had to choose, I'd have to say the black jacket...just cuz I love black blazer sooo much!
    Glad to see you back, Tammy!

  4. hi, Tammy I have missed you. I loved the black blazer because it is such a classic,until I scrolled down to the red, fabulous!


  5. U look fabulous and I have your blog on my side bar and every time I see it I think of u and lift u up

  6. I love both looks and the scarf makes the outfit. love the scarf. It's your blog so you can write what and when you want. We need to be individuals that is the beauty of blogging, everyone has their own niche.

  7. I like both looks. For me the first look says "club" and the second one looks fun and flirty. I like how you ripped those shirts to make the scarf - it not only looks great but the process of making the scarf must have been cathartic as well!

  8. OOOh, I like the tuxedo shirt and the t-shirt scarf! And, yes, to being left alone now and then. I would continue to read even if your subject matter shifts a bit. Like your analysis of thrifting in the midwest--it's true.

  9. Oh Lord I love that tuxedo jacket. Now I have a new thing to want. Thanks a lot. I really like the red jacket, too. But that tux jacket looks just glamazing on you.

  10. You better keep blogging. What else would we all do???HaHaHa Both of these outfits are so classy and sleek on you. The red really stands out against the bag. You look great Tams. I am going to check out your cabin post right now. lots of love, dawn suitcase vignettes xo