Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trending Through the Confusion!

For years I bought fashion magazines.  Especially, the spring and fall 5lb editions. I would pour over them trying to comprehend what the trends for the next season were going to be.  How could I possibly not get it?  It was right in front of me.  Why was it so unclear?  What eludes me?

The bottom line is trends are confusing.  When you peruse the web you will be bom-blasted with very thin girls wearing clothes that have no place in any normal woman’s life.  What I have learned from blogging is to just take one little, tiny piece of a trend and work it into your style. (OK maybe I do go a little overboard on a trend that I really like)  So just try to pick one thing from each category and give it a shot.  Chances are you can shop your own closet or thrift it for a trial run.  If it works for you make the leap.  If it doesn’t pick another and just remember, never, ever quit trying to be the best you can be.

By the way.  Wouldn’t It be a hoot to see all of these mixed up in one outfit? I wouldn’t know if I was supposed to go to bed, go running, do sit ups or put on my damn anorak!   I think I would be laughing so hard tears would be running down my legs!!!

Here is a list of the current 2012 spring trends that I complied from a few Google searches.   I didn't think it was necessary to include photos.  After all we can all Google them and I'm still wearing muck lucks and fluffy pants.

I look forward to starting up my Trending Through the decades series.  I think between running out of fall/winter trends and just having a crazy, busy life I let it go for a while.  Hopefully I will get my mojo back soon and start up with a spring fling!

Print confusion:
Color Blocking, Super Bold Prints, Futuristic Prints, Colorful Camo, Art Deco Graphics, Graphic Florals, Polka Dots, Tropical Prints

Color confusion:
Orange and Tangerine, Pastel Shades, Neon, Diaphanous Whites, Black on Yellow, Metallic Basics

Style confusion:
 Anoraks, Pink Short Suits, Peplum, Pajamas, Athletic Chic, Crop Tops


  1. I've noticed that various trend lists don't coordinate. A list from one place won't list the same items from another place. What's a poor blogger to do? I think I take my trends mostly from blogger friends.

  2. hehe...very funny post. I think you really don't need all these confusing trends, trends are made up by humans. You are fabulous in your own skin. You can set the trends!


  3. I just decided to pick one of the trend list from a source I respect and a list I believed was doable for those who want to play with trends. I think it is just and enjoyment with fashion creativity. Any pressure to do trends is self-inflicted. We should not fear then or dread them...just have fun with them. This is exactly what my post today is about. As far as which fashion source to follow...just pick you own...the one you like best. I like Harper's Bazaar because of their FASHION AT EVERY AGE focus...they seem to pick the ones that we ALL can adapt. have a great week, Tammy!!

  4. I do enjoy looking but heck most of the stuff I could not afford in a million years nor would I fit in any of it. I like to look and sometimes pick a detail I like and interpret it myself. After reading some of the articles on how much is photoshopped and how much they are changing the women's bodies, I feel much better about myself. At least there is not PS'ing on my body.

  5. I know what you mean about the skinny chicken leg models. I have real curves and short legs...what the heck could I learn from them. I just buy what I like and wear it. Simple and cheap. Thanks for this was a great read sis. Thanks to responding to my post about work...I enjoyed reading that as well. Looking forward to your spring fling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  6. I know what you mean by CONFUSING!!! I just decided the trends I'm following are whatever I like and the fashion guru's can just bite it!! Who cares if the color red is out?? I LIKE it, I look good in it, I'm gonna wear it.

  7. The trends have become a little confusing lately. I think you're right about the fact that most of that stuff can be found at the thrift store or is already in our closets.

  8. I'm usually the last person to jump on the trend bandwagon- by the time I like the trend (like red pants), it seems to be out of style. Guess it just takes me a while to warm up! :) Looking forward to your next trending through the decades!

  9. i totally get it and as soon as you start up your trending through the decades again, i'll definitely be participating!!!

    yes, so much confusion with the trends. yet they are so fun. i really wanna get a skirt that's short in front and long in back. i'm also obsessed with tribal prints!!!

  10. Thanks for the laugh Tammy! Hope you're having a great weekend!