Saturday, February 25, 2012

Staying True To Your Style

I've never done a personal style test and, really don't plan on doing one in the future.  I don't need a test to tell me what I like, love and hate.  I feel my style is classic with a burst of trendy fun.  As long as the current trends fit in with what I have, doesn't make me look like a deranged teenager and I can clearance or thrift the pieces I'm usually game to try.  
I have had success and failure which many of you have seen.  Success is what makes it worth it.  Failure we won't talk about.
I have my own set of style rules.  # 1 on the list is cover you butt when wearing skinny jeans.  I realize this rule is more important to me at almost 54. Unfortunately I do see more young people than I would like that should heed that advice.

I will be linking up with Two Birds for Two Birds Inspiration Monday.  This weeks  inspiration is the beautiful Drew Barrymore  This is one chickie that doesn't need to heed the cover your butt rule.
I thought this was the perfect time to demonstrate why I stick by rule #1.  The first photo is almost a duplicate of her outfit.  I looked sad, like I was trying to hard to be young.  The second one shows what I actually wore shopping.  Classic and trendy without over doing it.
I will also be linking up with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style@ .  She does a beautiful job on her Visible Monday link.  So take a blog journey and go visit these two great sites.  Who knows you might just get hooked!

So what is your #1 fashion rule?

Inspiration:  Drew Barrymore
The reason for my #1 Fashion rule

A much more classic and should I say it?  Age appropriate look

A little scarf bling!


  1. Cool way to wear the scarf and pearls!

  2. OOh, I like what you've done with the scarf and pearls. I have that cover-your-butt rule with leggings, but not so much with jeans.

  3. I'm built differently to you. I have more of the high hip and then straightish down from there.
    So I, though 63, dress more like Drew and the opposite of you. I feel swamped by too much fabric, whether the drape front styling or roomy jackets or sweaters. I might be with those top layers both swamped and burly looking. I have recently switched up to very thin sweaters and another thin sweater over that, or maybe a thin body skimming jacket. I still have some jackets that are "more" than that but I am considering each carefully in turn. My number one style rule is not to wear any jacket that makes me look like the P.T.A. president from yore.

  4. You look great in BOTH looks!!!!! I am the same with skinny trousers (in fact, I don't wear them but if I did....)

  5. Wow, that is a great way to style pearls! I think you look good in both outfits, but the second one looks more like you. I think we tend to gravitate to things that make us feel good no matter what the trend is. Your second look is much more flattering especially with the scarf and pearls. You look lovely!

  6. I love your blog! It's nice to see a fashion blog with clothes a more mature woman can wear. You look great!!!!!

  7. Love the pearls and the creative. You might click on my page called the Foundational Five...this is a style guideline I established for myself that other ladies like. It helps me to answer five questions, before I buy something or wear a particular outfit. I have five areas that I know are me and I want to stay true to them...when I venture past is always a mistake. I also wrote about trends for Visible Monday...keep these great accessory ideas coming!

  8. Tammy, you look great in both outfits, and the first is definitely not too youthful for you! But we have to feel good as well as look good, right? Thanks so much for supporting Visible Monday : >

  9. Well, I think both ways look great on you. The first is not too young...I actually like it on you very much!
    What a great way to wear the scarf and pearls!
    Have a great week Tammy!

  10. I am comparing the two photos, short and long jacket/sweater, I love the second photo. You are right we can wear skinny jeans but we have to be age appropriate too, like covering somethings? lol!! You look chic and glam! ^_^


  11. perfect! You did your own thing and created a perfect outfit for yourself! I like your scarf bling, it's gorgeous! I realized that we can't replicate someone else's style. Everyone has her own unique style, and will not look the same on someone else. Yours is beautiful in your own way! I like both looks -the long and short cardi.


  12. i love that long sweater in look #2. and your scarf/necklace is genius! love it!

  13. You know, I disagree with you for once. I like your first look. It acutally makes you look thinner. The only reason that I don't like it, it the light shoes which breaks up your long line. Both outfits are cute, but I like the first. You definitely have the shape to carry it (mind you, you didn't give us any BUTT shots!)

  14. I think you look great in BOTH looks! Of course I really couldn't see what said butt of yours looked like in those skinnies, but from the front, you rocked it! I also use to have that same rule...alas, I have gotten careless when it comes to my skinnies and the length of my tops. I do still usually make sure that what i'm wearing on top is not tight.
    I love that there aren't near as many fashion rules accepted as universal these days, but it is true I do still have some of my own, which your post has made me think about:
    -I will never wear leggings without something covering my entire butt and upper thighs too.
    -Never allow my bra straps to show
    That's the two that came to mind, but i'm sure i have more.
    You look very cool and definitely classy in both looks I think. Love it:)

  15. Loving the scarf bling! How fun!