Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

I have been happily hosting a trending link up for several months.  Unfortunately right now I can't put my heart into it so it will be pretty sporadic.  Please don't give up on me.

There are some work related issues that keep me from feeling my happy, free self.  I'm thinking I'm not going to let this get me down.  But, who am I kidding?  I'm actually a nervous wreck.  I can't sleep, my stomach hurts and I no longer look forward to going to a job that I have loved for almost 13 years.
I'm a pretty tough cookie, and we have a son that has a year and a half before he finishes college.  So I will be tough, I will prevail and then maybe I've got some things to figure out!

I wasn't sure if  I should post my feelings on this happy place.  But, then I remembered that's the point of blogging.  So, be patient.  Listen to me rant about my non-perfect life.  But, more importantly, I think most of you will identify with me..  Do you live a Barbie life?  Or do you have crap (yes, I said crap.  You're lucky I didn't really say what I'm thinking)  in your life?

So, ladies.......I guess all I have to say is I'll stay strong and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

So tonight I welcome Dawn back and happily show off my thrifting treasures.  Hop on over to Thursdays are for Thrifters and join in the fun.
You never know how much fun it can be until you try it!

I have gotten away from posting outfit stats.  Mostly because I don't think anybody cares and secondly I'm kinda lazy about those things.

Since I'm linking up to Thursdays are for thrifters I feel the need to strut my stuff!
So, read 'em and weep!

Jeans:  5.00
Sweater vest:  2.50
Turtle neck:  2.50
Scarf:  Maybe 1.00
Soooooo, that makes me pretty cool for what?  $11.00??????????????   Who would have thought?

So, thrift on.  Be happy and thanks for listening!


  1. sorry to hear you're having a challenging time. it happens to everyone. stay strong! you'll get through it.

    on a different note, i'm loving that cute sweater vest!!!

  2. I would never guess from the photos that anything was wrong! Like you, I have learned to grit my teeth and do the necessary thing on behalf of my children many times...but you're right, we may find ourselves in situations that don't feel mentally healthy. I know my job felt like that for 3 full months last fall. Nothing has really changed, but apparently I've figured out a way to deal with it in the meantime. {hugs}

  3. Well, you go ahead and be lazy (cuz I am too a lot of the time), but just know that I loooove outfit stats. Although, it does give me the urge to thrift when I see good deals...and I really need to curtail that a bit.
    Love the colors in your scarf. You look awfully sharp for 11 bucks! :)
    I'm so sorry to hear about your work related stress. I can relate though. I was in a job that I loved (the actual work)for 9 years, but due to a horrific, nasty co-worker it was sometimes (a lot of time) a living hell. My life circumstances changed (moved and married out of state) a few years ago though and I swore I would never allow myself to be in that kind of environment again. I understand where you're coming from with your son still in college and all. just come here and rant any time you want and we'll listen and try to help you through as best we can. Hugs.

  4. So sorry your work life is CRAP, Tammy (sometimes a stronger word is needed : >) I think most of us can empathize, because the workplace can be heaven or hell. And sometimes we don't have a lot of short-term options. I hope your non-work life will hold you up in the meantime, and please feel free to let it out here! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. first--your outfit is AWESOME!!
    Just hang in there at work--been there done that so feel free to rant . We all understand!

  6. Hoosier ladies are made of tough stuff. Sorry about your work situation...been there, done that. Sometimes we put up with less-than-acceptable conditions for the sake of others. Hang in there. Love, love, love the outfit. You could walk into any chi-chi setting and outshine any woman there, and laugh the whole time because you know what great deals you are wearing.

  7. well, you look fabulous so that should perk you up!! It helps me to just take one day at a time and not go much past there. I can easily obessess over worry. I am sorry that something you love has gone sour...but remember the Reverand Mother from the Sound of Music..."When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window!" Hang in there!

    Come on by my blog and register to win the giveaway for the purse and necklace! Maybe winning a fabulous clutch and gorgeous coral necklace will perk up your smile!!

  8. Hey Tammy - I completely understand having going thru a stressful time at my job of 15 years recently - I figured out I have two more years to procrastinate before I have to make some big decisions so, as they say - The Show Must Go On! And I too have taken a blogging hiatus or two so do what you need to do doll - we will be here when you can be here (or at least I will!) I stopped posting my outfit stats when I came back from my last hiatus for the same reason you did (I figured it just wasn't that important) unless it was an awesome bargain I wanted to brag about!

    You look great as usual and I'm really loving that faux collar sweater vest! That is a piece I would wear out until my hub had to hide it - SUPER versatile. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. $11? What an amazing outfit for a great price! I'm sorry your job's not doing it for you anymore-hang in there! My new job is quite stressful (I am the only paid employee, everyone else is volunteers) but I'm determined to see it through! I hope you get some r&r on the weekend and enjoy time with family and friends (I find that gets the mind off things!) We'll all be here when you want to host the next trending through the decades :)

  10. you look gorgeous! you are one of those people who looks great on every color...jealous! and tammy, i put the cape on hold for you on etsy. it looks like the sale didn't go through. let us know if you still want it or don't. but for now, it's on hold just for you!

  11. Hey Sis, I need your vote for the contest I have joined, I feel like I am begging peeps but I guess it's like running for office, you have to ask and put youself out there. Anyway, we all have shite, shite makes us appreciate the good and easier times in our life. I worked a job I hated to the point of depression so my husband could get thru school. I worked it for 3 years and was absolutely miserable. god knew as I would be so mad at him for not rescuing me sooner but I am over that and on to easier times. I will pray for you, darling. Your out fit is just perfect on you...11 bucks makes it even more perfect. Have a great day and weekend. dawn suitcase vignettes xo stop by this weekend, the link is on my site...xoxo

  12. Sorry to hear about the tough time you're having at work. I'm thinking of you and admire your determination to grit your teeth and get through the next few months. But I also know you're too smart to stay there if you're unhappy in the long term. Not having bad moments won't make us appreciate the good ones, so I don't believe anyone's got a Barbie life. We may have moments where we're on top of the world but life's made to throw challenges at us. Sometimes more than we think we can bear. That's when blogging, and close friends and family, or just a stranger with a sympathetic ear, make all the difference. You look very polished in this outfit. Those big hoop earrings are funky and draw the eye to your face.

  13. I have been through lots of times at work where it made me physically ill to just be there. I may not know what you are going through, but you have my sympathy and I am sending good thoughts your way. Blogging is a lot of work and there is no need to add stress to your already stressful situation. I hope things get better for you very quickly. If you need a shoulder (virtual) to cry on, just email me. My email is on my blog.