Monday, August 8, 2011

Two for One

Two for One

While trying to style this look I was slapped right in the face (imagine my jacket slapping me like the taco in the commercial!) with the simple fact that just by changing one accessory you can change the whole outfit.  
I guess I knew that, but honestly didn’t realize the total change until I posted the pictures.
So that’s where my title comes from………..Two totally different looks for the price of one.
I didn’t have a vest so I styled a shawl into a “no vest”.

I think I’m pretty much a hippie at heart.  I love flowing blouses and skirts.  I don’t think the look is age related.  Attitude maybe.  But age, no way.
Oh, I almost forgot, I finally started playing around with Polyvore.  So also check out my first set.
I’m also two for one linking today.
Two birds  and Not Dead yet Style .
So get some bang out of your blog surfing today and come over and check everybody out.

My inspiration Sienna Miller 

My outfit
Skirt    GW 1.50
Tank    GW 2.50
Jacket   GW 2.50
Shawl/Vest thrifted 1.00
Belt     GW 1.00
Shoes and bag thrifted GW
Jewelery thrifted

my outfit



  1. nailed it...i love the scarf look! and yes, you could wear this outfit to many different settings just by switching it up a bit. i love it!

  2. that peach color is incredible on you! i like how both the blue and cream go with your peach outfit. i think i like the second one the best because the belt looks more natural to me in that one, i don't know why though

    it's so bright and cheery i'm smiling!

  3. You and I must have been channelling the 60's today! I read your post after I posted mine and it even looks like we like the same colors! I love your outfit. It looks much dressier with the shawl.

  4. Ooooooo.....I really like this with the scarf! To be honest, I don't know why it works, but it definitely does!! Just like you said, amazing what a difference one accessory makes! ~Serene

  5. Wow...I had to scroll back and do a double take! It's amazing the looks like two completely different outfits. And I'm with you on the 70's kind of bohemian look...I love it, too. I like both these outfits on you and that shawl is lovely. Debbie

  6. Way to work the multi-tasking, Tammy! You look wonderful in those colors and I am loving those neutral shoes. Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

  7. We all benefit from reminders about the power of accessories. Amazing, isn't it? And I LOVE those peach shades. Lovely!

  8. Tammy, great outfit ensembles. Great idea to do a double take. Thanks for your sympathies and I am sorry for your loss. It's hard but life is good. God bless.

  9. love this outfit and how great is that scarf you turned into a vest? you're the second blogger i saw recently talking about playing around with polyvore and i'm soooo needing to do this!!!

  10. definitely chic! I love your color combo, you're always good at it especially the bright colors that look great on you. I remember the belt, so cool.


  11. CUTE! You are such a good lookin' lady! I love that second look with the belted scarf. It's very Sienna!

    Much Love,