Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mixing prints with some Attitude

As I tried to assemble a mixed, print outfit, I realized I don't wear to many prints.  Sure I have my OLS (Old Lady Skirts) that I throw on every morning as I am rushing to get ready for work.  But those poor skirts aren't good enough for EBEW'shttp://www.everybodyeverywear.com/ August Challenge and Thursdays are for Thrifters http://spunkychateau.blogspot.com/  I do wear most of the things I post.  Just not always to work.   I can wear what I want, just feel like I get weird looks when I'm really doing my thing. During the summer at the lake it's swimsuit, cut offs and hippie maxis.
That's one thing about fall, I always bump it up a notch.

This look took some time to figure out. Once I got into the idea it started pulling itself together.  It was literally  like things were jumping off hangers and out of vintage suitcases to join the party.
So this is my part of the mixing prints party.
Flowey skirt, light green but does have almost a watermark pattern in a beige....little bit of sparkle too!
Leopard blouse.  I would have never mixed this with that skirt. I think the blouse was singing you go old lady!

Then, this is the part about things jumping out at me.  I seem to have a thing for scarfs and I mean all sizes.  Little ones get tied on my purse, big ones grow up to be.........tada!!!!! a scarfoon!  That's a scarf so big it wraps around you  like a cocoon and get's its on baby scarf for a closure.

The Man and I are planning an October trip to Charleston and Savanna.  I think this little mix up would do just fine........Oh, I found this little island just off Savanna called Tybee.  I think I'm in love and we probably will just do day trips to Savanna.  Anybody out there from that area give me a shout!
So hope you like my version.

I will bore you with my outfit details
Flowey skirt  GW 1.50
Top TJ Max  10.00
Scarf  Thrifted and knowing me probably 1.00
Shoes GW 2.25
Attitude:  Priceless

 Me being me

 Is that a smile?

 Vacation Mode
I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille!


  1. What a GORGEOUS top! I like the way you put this whole thing together! The belt and shawl give it such a lady like look! Enjoy your time in Charleston and Savannah....Charleston is FABULOUS!! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. the leopard blouse is stunning. I love all the ruffles! You always create outfits that work so well on you! Definitely like your version, you made your own!

    Have a fun vacation!


  3. That scarf is gorgeous and I really, really love your green necklace!

  4. I love the blouse! Animal prints are so fabulous. And that scarf is lovely. Very versatile and really pulls everything together. You look great, attitude and all :)


  5. You're funny! "Is that a smile?" lol. Love the blouse---you look great!

  6. You really have a knack for mixing prints. And I'm okay, haha. I was just pretty busy today and didn't have time to do an outfit so I figured I'd just show off some finds from last weekend. Outfit post for tomorrow though!

  7. Beautiful Mix, darling....beautiful!

  8. super accessories--the wrap and necklace make the outfit. Hope you get a second to link up over at Momtrends on our fashionably fun Monday Mingle:


  9. Just found your blog and love the 'mixing.'

  10. Tammy, I miss your posts! Hope to hear from you soon.