Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A honest blog

Happy National Champagne Day everybody!
I don't have a lot of time in my life to dedicate to my blog.  I tend to just enjoy life and hope the blog follows along with me.
There are often things I want to say, but my internal buffer kicks in.  
I don't  want to criticize anybody.  But many times when I post I am asking for opinions.  Am I to old for this look?  Do I really look awful in shorts.......Do these pants make my butt look big?  You get the idea.  
I have found a lovely little place in blogger land, but damn it when I blow the look  tell me!
I rarely get comments in real life.  I guess the people I see day to day are used to my feeble attempt at style and just don't pay attention.  
This isn't fantasy land.  We wear these outfits to work, dinner and maybe to pull weeds.  Isn't there a way that we can be honest with each other without being bitchy?
I think if we worked together we can help each other.  
Opinions on this thought?
So here are my latest pics.  I am joining 3  fun events.  So I am learning how to get the bang out of my time buck in blogger land.
Pleated Poppy What I wore Wednesday
Spunky Chateau Thursday's are for thrifters
Pretty Shiny Sparkly for arm party
I know there was a 4th one but damnit I can't remember what it was.

My outfit
Tunic:  Target  $25.00
Jeans  G.W. $5.00
Shoes G.W. $2.25
Cute lady purse thrifted $1.00
Scarf/necklace combo thrifted and all mine


  1. Hi. I'm Judy and I'm as honest as I can be. But in an effort to not hurt feelings I sometimes don't say what I think. I do, however, sometimes suggest things that might work and hope no one is offended. Like right now, I suggest you look terrific and I wish I had that top. And I wish there was good stuff for plus sizes at out local goodwills.

  2. I find that most of the blogs I read and comment on are all about positive vibes (which this world could use more of!) but I do know what you mean about wanting honest opinions (w/o being bitchy) I figured if I posted an outfit and got positive feedback that was a good choice - and if I posted one and got little or no feedback, then it was not so good. Recently I posted an outfit that I happen to LOVE but only rec'd 1 comment (my Tequila Sunrise post)but then I realize, it doesn't matter because I like it and will continue to wear it. Same goes with what I see others wear. I may not necessarily have worn a certain necklace (as an example) but that person wearing might LOVE it and that's what matters!

    Unless someone comes right out and asks for my opinion, I keep it to myself and just enjoy the different styles other bloggers share - and I even steal some ideas along the way!

    PS: I think you look adorable in your outfit - so cute and breezy (really!)

  3. Sorry Tammy if you want me to be very honest with you....

    you still look great! I'm dead serious, I can look at you in the eyes and say it. Because you have a passion for it, it just shows. If someone really look so bad, I rather not visit the blog. I realized that my style evolved and improved when someone tells me what looks good on me. It helps me to be more aware of what works for me. So when I tell you it looks good on you, I'm sorry it really means it looks good on you. Haha..

    So you look great Tammy especially with the colorful scarf, the tunic and jeans is perfect combo!


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  5. (I deleted my first post because I wanted to clarify something.)
    Tammy, sometimes I don't write anything on a blog if I feel like I am just saying the exact same thing everyone else is saying.
    That being said, you look terrific in this I outfit. I love your bracelets, being a bracelet addict myself. I really love the way you thought to style a scarf with a necklace. It is just too cool.
    I would also like to say that I think that thinner women, like you, look much better in clothes than plus size women (which I am.) I think plus-sized women have to work much harder to look nice. Do I wish it weren't that way, heck yeah, but it is what it is.
    It is almost impossible to find nice things in plus-sizes in thrift stores.

  6. Gotta be honest, I've read many of your posts, looked at many pics (didn't have my goggle account or I would have commented, lol) and I personally think you look great. If you were in a micro mini and "f**K me" stripper pumps, I would have to say no bueno. But you dress yourself very nicely and in flattering cuts. I love that top and the wash on those jeans is great. Wedges are always a good addition to any outfit. The "am I too old for this" syndrome started early for me (I'm 24 and you wouldn't catch me dead in a micro mini skirt or short shorts. Let the 18 year olds have that fashion nightmare), so I can understand. I won't wear a cleavage shirt without a cami under it, lol.
    Honestly, though, you look awesome. You have a great figure and you choose your clothing wisely. Good for you, my dear!


  7. Ok Tammy....HONESTLY...this outfit is really cute..I would wear it...but I would not wear the necklace with it...just the scarf...I think the necklace is are so cute. I agree with you about the honest comments...I think it is all in how we say it...some negative comments are written with language which has hurtful intent...but I believe as you do we can have honest conversations and help one another. Iron sharpens iron and we can strengthen and encourage one another! I applaud you for your HONEST post!!

  8. Well, to be look WONDERFUL! Seriously. I'd wear this in a minute! Very 70s! As far as being honest, when it comes to blogging, I only offer a "It would look better like this..." if the blogger is unsure of her look or asks for it. Otherwise, its really just my opinion and what makes mine better than someone else's? We're all arbiters of our own fashion!

    I will say this, sometimes Bloggerland gets prettttty syrupy! Seems everyone's going overboard to gush and frankly, I'm just not into gushing. Building up? Absolutely. Sycophantic flattery? I'm not into that. If someone told me nicely they weren't feeling my outfit, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. And maybe they'd show me something I hadn't thought of, but at the end of the day, if I love what I'm wearing and how I'm wearing it then I'm cool! Big hug to you! ~Serene

  9. Tammy--I hear what you are saying. When I began my blog, I knew that I was a beginner and I sought ought constructive criticism. I even wrote a post about it, but I think it is tricky to give in the blogosphere. I know the handful of times that I have attempted this, I have generally lost a follower.

  10. Ladies, now that's what I'm talking about! We can help each other!

  11. you are the first person i've seen to write something like this! i don't do a lot of fashion posts, mostly only Inspiration Monday, and those outfits i create to look like the celebrity and aren't really outfits i'd wear everyday, which defeats the purpose but i enjoy doing it as mostly a dress up game

    i think you have a great, solid sense of style... i'm not creative when it comes to outfits so i usually have not much to say

  12. Tammy -- you are fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers! Love this post. I love getting comments too, mostly because I have nobody at home to play things off of so I have absolutely NO IDEA when I completely missed the boat! I love how you did the 3 for 1.