Monday, August 29, 2011

Maxed out

Another Monday is here and almost gone.  We had a great time at the cabin this weekend.  
Our friends Paul and Monica have a cottage right on the lake and it was our annual "friends weekend"  We have known all of these people for 25 or more years.  There are definately some characters in our group.  I hate to say I'm definitely one of them!
When you know people that long you know the good, the bad and the ugly about each of them.  
The good is enough to cancel out the ugly, and sometimes the bad is what makes them good.  
I'm always so wiped out on Monday's.  We stay at the cabin and get up super early to make the drive back in for work.

So on Monday's I always look forward to hanging out in my fluffy pants and linking up with Two Birds @ for Inspiration Monday,
and Patti @ for Visible Monday.
Adding Meet Virginia Design for Thriftaholics weekly
Adding Spunky Chateau which is another of my favorite link ups
And Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous  This is a new one so I'm excited
I have to add a little note here.  This is the first time I've linked up with 5 blogs from one post.
I think I should be awarded blogging thrifter of the year!

Here is my Two Birds inspiration, the beautiful Olivia Wilde.  I don't really wear stripes so I focused on the maxi dress and leather jacket.  I'm pleased with the look.  I think you can dress just as edgy as the younger chickies, but gussy it up in a Silverstyle way.

I have been wanting to try this maxi out.  I have a wedding in the spring at the Palmer House in Chicago.  It's a pretty upscale place and I will totally be freaking out  on what to wear.  I would definitely wear some sparkly sandles............Oh, look where I'm going with this, summer isn't over and I'm worried about what I'm going to wear to a wedding next May!  I think I need to get another hobby!

So rock on my little bloggie buddies and check out the other entries for their take on their look and their inspiration.


My outfit
Maxi   GW 2.50 Newport News (wondering if I should take it in)
Jacket quite a few years old but I think it was 75.00 or 100.00 at a local dept. store
Shoes Target clearance around 20.00


  1. Oh yes, you rocked the maxi, and in actual silver-style. Love the scarf-as-belt, and the hoop earrings too.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!


  2. You look beautiful in this outfit- I love how you tied the scarf as a belt and added a glittery necklace. Cottage with friends is one of my favourite ways to spend the weekends but you're right- it makes Monday morning that much more difficult!

  3. You are really rockin' this look. I love your hair. This outfit is just so cool!

  4. you look so cool my dear friend, puts Olivia to shame! I love your silver style way, glam at the same time edgy or should I say glam rock yes!


  5. Very cool and I love the hair!!

  6. That maxi dress is so pretty and staying at the cabin sounds like loads of fun!

  7. By the way Tammy I tagged you some questions


  8. this outfit is very australian! (good thing) great use of the leather jacket, i feel like i'm THE ONLY person in the world without one... almost in a panic about it

  9. Tammy darling, thank you for stoppping in to visit me. I would love to have a cabin getaway. Just a little one to decorate and escape to on the weekends, especially the Fall season. I sound like a broken record but you really look chic and sophisticated and I bet you have never worn a maxi with a leather jacket before because I know I still have not. Great inspiration...I will have to forget the stripes next time and go with your look. Thanks for the inspiration...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  10. So cute! i love maxis. They are so comfy! Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly.

  11. Tammy, you did a wonderful job with your inspiration! You look like a famous movie star!!
    I am really into this color palette lately...some may say drab....I say CHIC!

  12. Love the leather combo! Love leather over anything really. You look great!

  13. wow, you are rockin!! style truly is ageless! glad to have discovered your inspiring blog :)

  14. Now THIS looks like an outfit for a rock concert! Hope you decide to try some outdoor shots. There are some many fashion blog out there I assume it's a matter of time before people catch on to why these stylish-looking people keep taking self-photos.