Sunday, July 10, 2011

21st Century Here I Come

Next week I will be getting a smart phone..........(!}]]]}}}That's me jumping for joy!
I'll have unlimited data and wait for it .................Yep texting!
I am so excited but a little worried about having a phone that's smarter than I am.......
I am also planning on getting a new laptop.  Any suggestions?  The laptop trade off with the Man is that he gets a new flat screen.
While writing this it just popped into my mind that thrifting really does pay off $$$$ that's me patting myself on the back!
After my heart stops fluttering over all this new technology and I figure out how to use the damn phone, I plan on starting a facebook page for my blog.
The way I see it I'll have plenty to do this winter.
Hope you all are having a great Sunday.  We are at our little cabin and getting ready to rev up the boat!


  1. exciting! I'm sure you'll out smart the phone. Laptop? Wow...I would get a macbook.


  2. Hi Tammy, thank you for entering the contest for the Danielle Celeste Cardigan. I was looking for you amongst my followers to verify your entry and couldn't find you there. I just want to make sure you have an entry. As far as technology goes, my smartphone is an HTC Android Desire. I love it. And I think a really reliable laptop to get is HP, unless you're going to go Mac.

  3. For the laptop, my husband and I got a Viao earlier this year and have had no troubles with it.

  4. Tammy, I'm going to put in my two cents for a netbook. I had an HP laptop before and I love my netbook so much more because it's so tiny and portable. I carry it all around the house and even throw it in a tote bag if I want to take it to go. It's just a W*****t cheapie! Debbie